Thursday, July 12, 2012

For the Love of Books...

Kate at Kate's Book Blog wrote this wonderful, and completely unexpected, review of Heart on a Chain:

A heart wrenching story.
YA novel of a young beautiful teen Kate, who suffers physical abuse at the the hands of her mother and an alcoholic father who ignores her.
You think she would be able to escape from the abuse at school but she is a target and suffers at the hands of bullies because of jealousy and her shy and reclusive personality.
You will fall in love with Kate. I was heartbroken for her at every turn and had to have the tissues on hand as her character grew and by the end, her strength and courage had you cheering for her.
This book had me sobbing at the start, the end and all the way in between. A truly beautiful and well told story about a young girl who grows up way too fast.
Not so many abuse sufferers are so lucky, but this girl was in the way that she had a gorgeous guy and his loving family come in to her life.
Couldn’t put this book down (or the tissues….).

Thanks, Kate!

Kate's Book Blog

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