Monday, November 26, 2012

Dreaming of Summer Giveaway Hop

It's a Love Thing is a compilation of 8 summer love stories by 8 different authors- of which I happen to be one.

 In the Beginning
By: Cindy C Bennett

 Drake has lived a hard life. In and out of trouble with the law, sentenced to juvenile corrections and finally released to the custody of his parole officer, the strange, surfer-dude Tom, Drake is forced to move to the tiny beach town of Seaside. There, he meets Megan, Tom’s off-limits daughter. Though he tries to avoid her, it seems she turns up constantly in his life. It isn’t long before he finds himself looking forward to visits from the ultra-optimistic Megan. But does she really care for Drake, or is he just another charity case? And why does she seem so very familiar to him?

It's a Love Thing is a great beach read since the stories all revolve around summer. If, like me, you're nowhere near a beach, or it's too cold to read at the beach near you, this is still a great book to read in the middle of winter to help you dream about summer and the beach! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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    1. Thanks! I like it, too. The background is from Fantasy Background Store, the template is from Blogger, and I made the header.