Monday, March 25, 2013

Rocking Book Blogger: Tiffany!


I want to say thanks to Tiffany of Tiffany Loves Books. She's been extremely kind to me and my books, allowing me to take up space on her blog with a guest post, book reviews, and giveaways. She's even hosting me for an interview sometime soon. Below are some of the recent posts with links.

Geek Girl

Tiffany reviewed Geek Girl and is hosting a giveaway which you can enter by clicking here. To read her full review, click here. Here's some of what she had to say about Geek Girl:

"Trevor, Jen’s love interest is amazing. He is… wow. One of those guys you would clone if you could and bring home to meet your parents. He is an all around amazing guy. Well Jen didn’t account for him being such a great guy and finds herself drawn to him. The romance is beautiful and their relationship is absolutely heart warming."

 Rapunzel Untangled

Tiffany also reviewed Rapunzel Untangled as part of my blog tour. You can read the full review here. Here's a refresher of just a little of what she had to say about Rapunzel Untangled:

"Rapunzel Untangled takes the original fairytale, flips it on it’s head and does something magical while not losing sight of the classic. I tend to be a pretty emotional reader but was shocked at how much I loved this novel. Seriously, you should see my notes while reading. I love, I love, I love…"

 Beautiful Beast

Beautiful Beast is another of my stories Tiffany reviewed. This is a short story in my Enchanted Fairytales series. You can read Tiffany's full review here. Below is an excerpt of her Beautiful Beast review:

"So here’s my take on Beautiful Beast: it is a short story that somehow manages not to feel like one. It has great character development and the storyline is also well set up and well developed. The characters felt real and I in particularly really liked Calli. She was strong and stubborn yet sweet, funny and humble. Alex is haunted by his past and his story is sad and turns out to be pretty heartwarming. The romance between these two was quite beautiful as was their friendship."

You can read my guest post on Tiffany's blog: Traditional vs. Self-Publishing where I discuss my experiences with both types of publication.

Tiffany also did an author spotlight on me, which you can read here.

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