Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Christ Centered Christmas Blog Tour

As a Christian I celebrate Christmas and not the generic "holidays". That's my choice. If you choose to celebrate the holidays, that's your choice. Great thing about being human is we all have the right to choose what is right for us. I was invited to participate in the blog tour for A Christ Centered Christmas by Emily Freeman. This is a great book for anyone who does celebrate Christmas and struggles to keep it Christ centered amidst all of the commercialism, not an easy task. It's really easy to get swept up in all of the other things Christmas has become about and forget the reason it is even celebrated. This book is set up to be easily adapted to your family needs. Some of the "lessons" are even just good jumping off points to make them your own. So if you'd like to get back to celebrating Christmas or if you just want to expand how you do, this is a great helper.

About the Book:
This year as you prepare your home for the holidays, resolve to prepare your heart with seven traditions that will lead you closer to Christ. Discover the meaning behind seven gifts of Christmas, each celebrated with an invitation from the scriptures and a simple tradition.

• Each gift is based on a figure in a Nativity set
• The traditions are simple and can be combined with things you already do
• The order of the traditions and the length of time between each is left completely to your inspiration
• The traditions are appropriate for any age and families of any size

About the Author: 

Emily Belle Freeman is a coach’s wife, mother to four children and a few others who have found refuge in her home, and sought-after inspirational speaker. She finds great joy in studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Her deep love of the scriptures comes from a desire to find their application in everyday life. For a few minutes every day Emily forgets about the laundry, leaves the dishes in the sink, and writes. She is the coauthor of The Peter Potential: Discover the Life You Were Meant to Live and coauthors a blog that is a stopping place for hearts seeking all that is

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