Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome to Friday Five!

I've decided to start Friday Five. What is Friday Five you ask? On each Friday (unless I have a previous post commitment, such as a blog tour, etc.) I'll be leaving you a list of five. But five what, you ask with frustration. Five anything. Just a list of five somethings that either interest me, something that's caught my attention, maybe five things bugging me that week, five favorites . . . just five.

I'm going to begin by listing five things that are on my DVR as of today. Doesn't mean these are the only things on my DVR, just five that I'm currently recording and watching.

1. The Voice

This hasn't always been one of my favorite shows in the past. It was one I could kind of take-or-leave. If I watched it, great. If I missed it, no biggie. But when they added Shakira and Usher into the coaching mix alongside the always entertaining Blake Shelton and the hottie Adam Levine, it became a "must check out". After the first two episodes, it became a must see. I'll be honest, I could almost care less about the singers on at this point (I haven't formed an attachment to any of them yet). But I would watch this if it were nothing more than the four coaches just sitting around having a conversation. I find them an amusing mix, with hilarious banter, and the occasional bad dance (usually Blake dancing for Usher). I love these four together.

2. Bates Motel

Okay, why did it take so long for someone to come up with the idea for this show? Seriously, haven't we all wondered what drove Norman Bates to keep his mom's dead body, to dress up as her and kill when he was? Add into that the acting skills of the fantastic Freddy Highmore and the unfairly gorgeous Vera Farmiga (and please, we need more of Max Thieriot) and you have a show I can hardly wait to watch each week. It's creepy good fun!

3. The Following

Kevin Bacon on TV where I can watch him every week? I'm in! Joe Carroll might not be my favorite villain of all time (he's kinda like a watered down Hannibal Lechter) but the idea of a man creating this huge following of sadistic murderers willing to blindly follow him (Kool-Aid, anyone?) is a fascinating idea. Shawn Ashmore is great, which surpised me a little having him play sidekick to Kevin Bacon. But he definitely holds his own and has quickly become one of my faves on the show. And while I found the show more enjoyable - and interesting - with Carroll orchestrating everything behind bars, I suspect Hardy will find him soon enough and put him back. Some of the characters are well written (Ryan Hardy, Claire, Weston, Jacob Wells) while others leave a little to be desired (Carroll, Emma Hill, Parker) but overall I'm so far enjoying the ride.

4. Duck Dynasty

See, I don't just watch shows about murderers. I also watch shows about hyper-intelligent rednecks. It took me a while to catch onto this show, even though I'd heard lots of people talking about it. So I finally began watching it and I'm hooked. These guys are hilarious (and if you've seen the pics of them pre-scraggly beards, pretty hot). Phil is wisdom personified, even if sometimes his wisdom is inappropriate. Si is just plain funny, jack. I swear that guy won Vietnam single-handedly. Willy is happy to let himself be the butt of all jokes, even though we all know it was his smarts that made them all billionaires. But my absolute fave is Jase. His talking-heads are hilarious. Everytime he opens his mouth something funny comes out. I have a bit of a redneck crush on the guy. And, yeah, I know it's probably more scripted than not, but I don't care. I love it anyway. In fact, on St. Patrick's Day I wore a t-shirt sporting their faces with the phrase: Happy, happy, happy St. Patrick's Day. Besides, where else can you find a "reality" show that ends with a family sitting down to dinner together and thanking God for how blessed they are?

5. The Office

I debated between listing this and New Girl, but since The Office will soon be nothing more than reruns, and New Girl will hopefully be around for a bit longer, I chose this. I know The Office lost a huge character when Steve Carrell left the show, taking the blissfully naive Michael Scott with him, but I still watch the show faithfully. I'm attached to Jim & Pam (though their marital strife this season is annoying and not really believable), Dwight (who is kind of empty without having Michael to worship), Andy (who was better before he became boss), Angela (finding out her hubby is gay let her shine finally), Phyllis (always politely devious), Oscar (though I think he's a pig for having an affair with a married man), and the inspired additions of Clark and Pete (should have brought these characters in much sooner). I'm sad the show is going, and that the writers seem to have gotten a little lazy knowing it's the last season, but this still will always remain high on my all-time-favorite TV shows list.

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