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Day 11 of Rapunzel Untangled Blog Tour

Happy Valentines Day!

It's day 11 of Rapunzel Untangled Blog Tour but it is also Valentines Day. Rapunzel Untangled makes a great Valentines present for your loved one!

Today we have some amazing blogs for you to stop by and read some reviews, guest posts, top tens list and maybe enter a giveaway or two. They are Fictitious Musings, I Love to Read and Review Books, Book Haven Extroardinaire, and Bookworm Lisa. Make sure you stop by their blogs to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a Nook, MP3 player, a copy of Rapunzel Untangled and many more prizes. 

The first stop today is a review from Fictitious Musings. Here is a little bit of Jennifer's review:

"Cindy Bennett rocked my socks off with Geek Girl so I had to delve into her retelling of Rapunzel. It was so worth the ride! . . . Fane and Rapunzel have a chemistry that radiates fairytale love. You totally get sucked into the humor and friendship from the moment they begin to message each other. . .  Bennett fills the pages with emotion, humor, adventure, and the most adorable candy-coated love story I’ve read in a long time."

 For the full review of Rapunzel Untangled and to enter the giveaway from
Fictitious Musings click here

The next stop on today's tour is I Love to Read and Review Books. Shauna reviewed the book and had me write a Top Tens Fairytales List. Here's some of her review:

"My favorite part is when Fane is trying to figure out what name the initial RG comes from...And not seeing a picture of her he asks... "Are you hot?" Rapunzel is baffled and wonders how he can figure out her name by the temperature of the room she is in... I really, really, really loved this book!"

And my number 10 on the top tens list:

10. The Frog Prince: I have to begin by saying I didn’t care much for the Disney treatment of this story, but I’ve always liked the idea of the story. A guy turned into a frog who can only be rescued by convincing a Princess to love him enough to kiss him? Great storyline. How many of us have felt like the ugly frog in our own lives, suddenly transformed into a raving beauty by the love of the person who sees beneath that temporal exterior.

To read the other 9, visit I Love to Read and Review Books!

For the full ten's list, read the review or enter the giveaway from I Love to Read and Review Books click here.


The next stop of my Rapunzel Untangled blog tour is at Book Haven Extroardinaire. Hannah reviewed the book, and let me take up space with a guest post. Here's some of her review:

"The book was adorable. Short, sweet, with a pinch of magic and a dash of romance on the side. . . There were a few times when I felt like [Rapunzel] would snap from reluctance to confidence in a page, or when her character would slip. I can't say that I ever felt super connected, but Rapunzel was a very sweet heroine who told the story in a great way. . . Moving on the romance between the two of them was quite cute actually. Yes, it's likes most Rapunzel tales; the girl's intrigued by the boy, the boy likes the girl. 100 pages to love."

Here is a little of the guest post I wrote titled "The Frog Kissed the Princess? (Scandalous!) Or, Why Do We Retell Fairytales:
I laughed when Hannah sent me this subject for a guest post. You know, in reality, if a girl kissed a frog she would—at minimum—be frowned upon. And she’d get warts on her lips, right? 

As much as I love both the Grimm versions and the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo versions, I also love the retellings. Fairytales are timeless, classical tales. It seems that every movie, every book, every story can be in some way compared to or traced back to one of the classical fairytales.

For the full review, guest post, and to enter the giveaway from Book Haven Extroardinaire click here.


The last but not in the slightest least stop on this Valentine's Day is Bookworm Lisa. Here's some of Lisa's review:
"I was charmed by this book. This is Rapunzel with a twist, it takes part in the modern world. Rapunzel meets her handsome suitor using facebook. This book met my expectations and I think it is one that I would re-read."

For the full review from Bookworm Lisa and to enter the giveaway click here

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