Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 17 of Rapunzel Untangled Blog Tour

Welcome to day 17 of Rapunzel Untangled Blog Tour. I have a few awesome reviews and an interview going on the blog tour today. So make sure you stop by all the blogs to read the full reviews and to enter the giveaway for the chance to win a Nook, MP3 Player, a copy of Rapunzel Untangled and many more prizes. Who we have today is Books Complete Me, Ali's Bookshelf, Literary Time Out and Taffy's Writings

The first stop we have is a great review of Rapunzel Untangled by Books Complete Me:

"I loved this book. This story was retold in an amazing way. I actually LOVE this version better than the original version. I was never a huge Rapunzel fan until I read Rapunzel Untangled."

For the full review and a chance to win some great prizes click here.

The next stop is Ali's Bookshelf who wrote spotlighted Rapunzel Untangled and is running the giveaway.

For the spotlight of Rapunzel Untangled and to enter the giveaway click here.

Next we have a review of Rapunzel Untangled from Literary Time Out:

"I was drawn in to Rapunzel Untangled right away. Rapunzel and Fane were every bit as likeable as Rapunzel and Flynn from Disney's recent animated film, and the use of Facebook and Skype made for a fun addition to the updated version. Modernizing wicked fairy tale characters makes for ultra evil bad guys. I was creeped out by Gothel (the "mother"/kidnapper), and the parts where her true nature were revealed were not my favorite."

For the full review and to enter the giveaway from Literary Time Out click here.

The last stop for today is Taffy's Writings. Here is a little of the interview we did:

What was the first book that turned you into a reader?Where the Wild Things Are is the first book I remember reading, but I think it was the Beezus and Ramona books by Beverly Cleary that really showed me that books can take you into worlds you'd want to live in, with characters you'd want for friends.
What is one piece of advice you would give aspiring writers?Keep on writing, every single day, even if it's only for ten minutes at a time. While you're doing it, make sure you learn the mechanics of writing (spelling, grammar, punctuation) and utilize them while retaining your unique writers voice.
For the full interview and to enter the giveaway click here.

Rapunzel Untangled is available now at:

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