Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 19 of Rapunzel Untangled Blog Tour

Welcome to day 19 of my Rapunzel Untangled Blog Tour. We have 3 blogs for you to stop by where you can read their reviews and so much more. Today I can be found at Blackbird in my Window, Getting Your Read On, and Katies Books. Make sure you stop by for your chance to win a Nook, MP3 Player, a copy of Rapunzel Untangled and many more prizes. 

First we have a review from author extraordinaire Rachel McClellan at Blackbird in my Window. Here is a little bit:

"This YA novel was so original and yet, pleasingly familiar like sitting next to a fireplace sipping a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows swirling on top. . . Rapunzel starts questioning everything around her and taking many risks to find out who she really is. And this is where the fairytale takes a dark and twisted turn. I won't say more except for this book is really good."

For the full review of Rapunzel Untangled click here and to enter the giveaway click here.  

The next blog we have today is Getting Your Read On. Here is a little of the review:

"I have to admit that I do love a good fairy tale re-telling. Especially one that brings the story into the modern day. I'm such a sucker for happily ever after's. . . This book has a little bit of everything. A sweet romance, discovery and adventure and a bit of the dark side too. I really enjoyed reading it and so did my teenage daughter. Squeeky clean reading for everyone!"

For the full review and to enter the giveaway click here.

The next stop is at Katies Books who wrote a a wonderful review:

"I really adored this book and loved how it was kept to the original fairytale storyline, but with a twist of modern. . . The messages Rapunzel and Fane send each other over Facebook are sweet, enjoyable and funny. . . All in all it was a fantastic read, and I definitely recommend to anyone, especially people who like a re-telling of fairy tales. I gave this book five stars as it was well deserved."

For the full review of Rapunzel Untangled and to enter the giveaway click here.

Rapunzel Untangled is available now at:

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