Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 9 of Rapunzel Untangled Blog Tour

Welcome back to day 9 of Rapunzel Untangled Blog Tour. We have a couple of great blogs that are a part of today's tour. They are Word Paintings Unlimited and The Potter's Hand Academy. Stop by their blogs to read the full reviews and enter the giveaways. You could win a Nook, MP3 player, a copy of Rapunzel Untangled or many more wonderful prizes.

The first stop is on Word Paintings Unlimited with Author Sherry Gammon. Here is a bit of her review:

"Rapunzel is captivating from page one. . .  I LOVED the modern elements brought into this age old story. . . Gothel, Rapunzel’s “mother,” is truly hate worthy. I didn’t care for her one wit. Not because the character was poorly written, quite the contrary, she’s masterfully written, which testifies again to Ms. Bennett’s talent."

For the full review and to enter the giveaway from Word Paintings Unlimited click here.

The next stop on the Rapunzel Untangled blog tour is with Kristi at The Potter's Hand Academy. Here is some of her review:

". . . it was an awesome concept in and of itself, retelling a fairy tell in a modern way. . . The romance between Fane and Rapunzel blossomed in a completely age-appropriate way . . . Kaitlyn [Kristi's teen daughter] enjoyed the book a lot. She absolutely devoured it when she got it . . . This is one I know she’ll be reading over and over again."

For the full review from The Potter's Hand Academy and to enter the giveaway click here.

Available today, you can order your copy of Rapunzel Untangled here:

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Coming up tomorrow on the blog tour:
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