Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Countdown Blitz - Day 9

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a major in history, Cora is the 2014 winner of the Royal Ascot contest for best unpublished Regency romance. She went on a twelve year expedition through the blackboard jungle as a high school math teacher before publishing Save the Last Dance for Me, the first book in the Maitland Maidens series. When she’s not walking Rotten Row at the fashionable hour or attending the entertainments of the Season, you might find her participating in Historical Novel Society events, wading through her towering TBR pile, or eagerly awaiting the next Marvel movie release. If you’d like to find out more about Cora or her books you can visit her website, sign up for her newsletter, or connect with her on Facebook or Goodreads. (newsletter sign up)

Mr. Benedict Grey is the only heir to a long-standing title, and he knows his duty: find a suitable girl, get married, secure the succession beyond himself. But if a gentleman could be called a wallflower, Benedict would fit the description perfectly. And for the past six years, he’s been out of Society more than he’s been in it. How will he find a woman to wed and bed when he can barely converse with the ladies of the ton?

Lady Honoria Maitland has promised her dying father that, before he breathes his last, she would find a husband to take care of her. But she wants a gentleman that loves her, not her dowry or her name. When she reunites with her old friend Benedict, she proposes a plan that will help them both: a faux courtship and betrothal. She can teach him how to woo a woman and simultaneously ease her father’s last days. But Honoria’s clever plan failed to account for Benedict’s heart...or her own. Is she strong enough to bear the loss of her father and her friend?

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Ten of My Favorite Things (in no particular order)

1. dogs (the bigger the better)
2. music (of many, many different genres)
3. Cadbury creme eggs (even though I can't eat them anymore)
4. books (also of many different genres)
5. superhero movies (I'm mostly a Marvel girl, but I adore The Flash tv show, too)
6. modern technology (wifi and my laptop in particular)
7. Tom Hiddleston (and not just for Loki)
8. sports (especially football--the American kind--and ice hockey)
9. libraries (including our big statewide lending system in Michigan)
10. Miami (the city in Florida...and also the Will Smith song)
Ready for some Author Q&A?

1.      Which did you find more difficult: writing the book or marketing it? Why?

Writing Save was difficult at times, but marketing it has been tougher for a variety of reasons. This is my first published work and I have no background in sales or marketing, so I'm learning as I go along. And no single strategy works for everyone, so there's a lot of experimentation involved. Luckily I have a background in math and science and I like to experiment!
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