Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday is Here! However,These Blogs are Anything but Black for Geek Girl!

Today is the final day for what has been an amazing book blog tour for Geek Girl. These are the last 3 blogs on the official tour. The may be last, but they are definitely not least! To see all of the blogs who have participated in the tour, I've put a list with their cute blog buttons to the left side of my blog. Go check these bloggers sites who have been kind enough to share their time and blog space with me on this blog tour.

Ali's Bookshelf: Ali says: "Geek girl is an outstanding piece of fiction... While reading this incredible story, I couldn't get enough of the story and the characters so much so that I was so sad when the story ended. I wanted more!" "I (absolutely) adore the plot of this great book." "I love so much about this great book and I could go on and on about the stuff I loved about it..."

Bibliojunkies: (Review and Interview) Natalie says: "...what do I have to say about Trevor Hoffman? All I can say is move over Peeta Mellark! If you know how much I LOVE Peeta, you will be thoroughly shocked to read this." "Another refreshing message in this story is that being loved by a boy doesn’t solve all of life’s problems...Jen has to learn to love herself and not depend on someone else’s feelings about her to determine her self-worth." "It is a great story that I will be recommending it to my YA loving friends – both young and old."

Book & Movie Dimension: Cassandra says: "This is such a bubbly romantic read... there isn't a moment that wont capture your entire attention." "The romance between a geek and goth type isn't the only thing that will stand out... It will slowly build this warm thump, thump, in your heart." "Jen is such a hilarious girl." "The best part though is that (Trevor's) just really, in fact handsome but chooses his geeky nature. Throughout the story, it becomes really easy to fall in love with Trevor." 


  1. Thank you for letting us be part of the tour! I adored Geek Girl and can't wait to go out and buy my hard copy for the bookshelf!


  2. Thanks, Natalie! I appreciate you being part of it. :o)