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Golden Gown by Sarah E. Boucher

Elyse has lost everything; her parents, her family home, and the village where she is loved and respected. Still grieving, she arrives in a new town where she must prove her skills as a seamstress. Overnight, she creates a gown stunning enough to catch the princess’s eye and win the community’s approval. With every eligible maiden clamoring for her designs, Elyse must do everything in her power to appease them. No one can ever know that in the moments when she doubts her abilities, a mysterious stranger with a talent for tailoring and a penchant for damsels in distress comes to her aid. If anyone ever discovers the truth, her reputation will be ruined.

Golden Gown is a blending of the classic fairy tales Rumpelstiltskin and The Shoemaker and The Elves. The magic of pure love woven through the tale will touch the hearts of all of its readers.

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About the Author:

Sarah E. Boucher is a lover of fairy stories, romance, anything BBC and Marvel, and really, really cute shoes. On weekdays she wears respectable shoes and serves as Miss Boucher, the Queen of Kindergarten. On school holidays she writes stories about romance and adventure. And wears impractical super cute shoes.
Sarah is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She lives and works in northern Utah. Midnight Sisters is her second novel. Visit Sarah at or connect with her on TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest, Amazon, or Goodreads.

Golden Gown, Becoming Beauty, and Midnight Sisters are now available on Amazon. During the Blog Tour, Becoming Beauty and Midnight Sisters will be $.99 each on Kindle!

Meet Elyse Morley (aka the miller’s daughter):

The heroine of Golden Gown, Elyse Morely, is based primarily on my Grammy, Elsie Caraway. Secondarily, she’s based on all the Boucher and Caraway women. Like the miller’s daughter in Rumpelstiltskin, Elyse is patient and clever, but she is also talented and hardworking. Though she appears sweet and na├»ve, when she’s cornered, her temper emerges. And of course, Gilberto De la Vega is just annoying enough to trigger it.

Elyse has lived her whole life in a small town and has always been aware of her station. The women of the community, who see her has nothing more than the daughter of a laundress and a candle maker, have treated her with condescension for as long as she can remember. Though Elyse has taken it all in stride, she’s been waiting for a chance to shine her whole life. Watch her embrace her dreams of becoming a dressmaker:

I tugged on the cracked leather handle and the trunk screeched across the floor. Given the level of dust clinging to its exterior, it hadn’t been disturbed in quite some time.
“Right there will do, darling,” Auntie said, pointing to a spot beside her bed.
The trunk dropped into place before her. I wiped my palms on my apron, leaving twin patches of grey. Auntie plied a cloth to the top and sides, revealing tarnished bronze hinges and an elaborate monogram on the lid. I barely had time to make out the initials before she heaved it open.
“Is that my mother’s?” Somehow the words made it past the lump forming in my throat.
Aunt Lydia reached inside to pull forth a grey gown with a lace overlay and draped it over the side of the trunk. “She only wore them once or twice, so the fabric is still good.”
I knelt beside her, resting a hand on the trunk almost reverently. Lydia pulled forth dress after dress, beautifully fashioned in soft hues. “They’re terribly outmoded,” she muttered, her brows drawing together. She reached into the bottom of the trunk and drew out a gold brocade gown scattered with a flower pattern.  “No, it’s all wrong. Young women don’t wear such heavy fabrics these days, do they?”
I pulled the fabric forward until it fell in a glowing puddle in my lap, releasing the faintest of perfumes. Tears threatened at the back of my eyes.
Lydia’s hand settled over mine, as light as a bird. “I miss her too.”
Suddenly, tears were rolling down my cheeks as I thought of my mother. I swiped a hand over my damp cheeks. “If she’d have thought of it, she’d have made them over years ago.” I sucked in a shaky breath. “And sold them at a profit.”
Lydia let out a chuckle. She fished around in the trunk once more and a lavender-colored gown joined its companions. “See anything inspiring?”
I riffled through the fabrics, paying close attention to the weight and texture of each and imagining how light would play over the warp and weft. I piled the grey and lavender gowns into my arms. “You don’t think she’d mind, do you?”
“Of course not.” She began to refold the gowns and place them back in the trunk. “Once she chose a life with your father, Rachel never looked back.”
I hugged the lavender and grey gowns to my chest and thought of the woman who had once been a debutante. Would she approve of what I was making of my life?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Freedom Factor

I'm happy to be part of the blog tour spotlighting Freedom Factor. I'm always surprised at how many people are unaware of just exactly what the constitution says. I mean, it's the thing that makes us America. I think it's great that there's a movement making American's more aware of what it says and what it means. Read more at

"We at Freedom Factor have a passion for our American Heritage and

want to share it with the world. The United States Constitution is the centerpiece of this heritage. What makes America unique in world history is the emphasis on local government and written Constitutions. Written Constitutions mark “a momentous advance in civilization and it is especially interesting as being peculiarly American.” 
To keep our civilization advancing we are asking you to do three simple things: READ the U.S. Constitution, get to KNOW it better, and SHARE it with others."

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Door Keeper Blog Tour and Review

Today is the first day of the blog tour for The Door Keeper by Steen Jones, and Royal James Publishing couldn't be more excited to have you join them today. They will be hosting a spotlight of the novel which will include: an excerpt, the blurb, pre-order links and information for you to enter the giveaway. Thanks!


About The Door Keeper:

Adventure. Love. Destiny.

Single mom Eden Saunders has learned that tragedy is simply a part of life. Her mother died during childbirth, and her husband was killed just three years after they married. On a journey to discover where she comes from, Eden inherits the key to unlocking new worlds from her deceased mother—including the world that should have been her home. The only thing stopping her from exploring them is the fear of leaving her daughter behind. Caught up in the circle of legacy, Eden discovers the mother-daughter bond that even death cannot break.

My Review: This is a really great book about discovering your roots, your destiny, and deciding what exactly to do with that knowledge when it will completely change your life. Eden is a fascinating character. I love the other worlds created by Steen, who does a great job using descriptive language to make you feel as if you're there with Eden. This is a great book I really recommend.

Click here to pre-order your copy on Amazon today!


Click here to pre-order your copy on Smashwords!

Also, don't forget to check it out on Goodreads.

Release date: February 20, 2017.

SteenportraitAbout Steen Jones:

Steen was born and raised in Woodstock, Georgia. While she has only recently discovered her passion for writing, she has always been an artist and a storyteller. A couple of years ago, a story idea gripped her and wouldn’t let go until she wrote it all down. The Door Keeper is her debut novel and she can’t wait to pursue all of the other stories that have built up in her over the last three and a half decades. When she isn’t writing, reading, painting, or baking, Steen enjoys spending time Netflixing with her husband and playing in the pool with her two children at their North Georgia home. To read more about Steen, you can visit her on her website.


Excerpt: Everything welled up inside me. Confusion, fear, overwhelming grief, love, wonderment . . . it was all consuming, like a nightmarish fog filling every square inch inside me, heavy and thick. I'd never met my mother, but over the past thirty minutes, I’d come to love her fiercely. And yet, I was angry, betrayed that she would leave me alone where I apparently didn’t belong—on the other side of her Door. Through the dense fog of emotion, light pierced the darkness—knowledge and information, both of which had eluded me until now. I knew I would likely spend the rest of my life trying to process this information, but some things seemed to fall into place. The puzzle pieces that were isolated from my life now pieced together, and I finally had part of my family tree, giving me roots on which I could stand.

Yet, all of the burning questions still remained.

img_0493There are two giveaways in celebration of the release of The Door Keeper by Steen Jones. One hosted by Royal James Publishing and one by the author Steen Jones.

The first giveaway, hosted by Royal James Publishing, will run from now until the release of the novel.

Click here or visit Royal James Publishing’s Facebook page to enter to win a signed copy of The Door Keeper by Steen Jones and a $20 Amazon gift card.

The second giveaway will start on the release date, more details about this giveaway to be released soon.

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Dreaming of Cash $50 Giveaway!

Dreaming of Cash
Dreaming of Cash $250 Giveaway
January 16th to 30th
Enter for your chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Code or $250 in Paypal Cash!! Thanks to this awesome group of bloggers and authors who have joined with me to bring you one fabulous prize!! Sponsor List I Am A Reader Lori's Reading Corner Carol Ross Melanie McFarlane Books Sapphyria's Book Reviews Author Inger Iversen T. Hammond Mia Siegert Inspy Books Rockin' Book Reviews Diana's Book Reviews Author Cindy C Bennett Krysten Lindsay Hager A. Gardner - Author Laurie Here - Cont Fiction and MORE Konstanz Silverbow Helen Smith Maureen's Musings Laurie Treacy, author Aubrey Wynne: Timeless Love Glistering: B's Blog Laurisa White Reyes, Author Jennifer Faye, Romance Author Author Felicia Starr Author Alecia Stone Kelsey Ketch Magical Cool Cat Mysteries Talia Jager A Leisure Moment   Giveaway Details $250 in Paypal Cash or a $250 eGift Card Ends 1/30/17 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use money sent via Paypal or gift codes via Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the authors, bloggers and publishers on the sponsor list. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Blog Tour: Midnight Sisters by Sarah E. Boucher

Welcome to the Midnight Sisters' Blog Tour and Giveaway! Learn all about author Sarah E. Boucher and her exciting new novel based on the classic fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Author Spotlight:

Sarah E. Boucher is a lover of fairy stories, romance, anything BBC and Marvel, and really, really cute shoes. On weekdays she wears respectable shoes and serves as Miss Boucher, the Queen of Kindergarten. On school holidays she writes stories about romance and adventure. And wears impractical super cute shoes.

Sarah is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She lives and works in northern Utah. Midnight Sisters is her second novel. Visit Sarah at or connect with her on Twitter, FacebookInstagramPinterest, Amazon, or Goodreads.

About Midnight Sisters:

Do not meddle with the Master's daughters.

The words rattle around Jonas’ head. What is the punishment again? Death? Dismemberment? Jonas, the newest addition to the gardening staff, can’t recall the exact penalty for breaking the rule. What does it matter anyway? He would never dream of meddling with the Earl of Bromhurst’s haughty daughters.

Until he comes face to face with Lady Ariela Spencer, the eldest of the His Lordship’s daughters.

Her elusive smile and open manner cause him to question his convictions. In no time, he’s drawn into Lady Ariela's world of mystery and intrigue, a world where she and her sisters will do anything—including leaving twelve empty beds at midnight—to escape their father’s strict rules.

Only Jonas can uncover the truth and save them from their father’s wrath and their own folly, if he is willing to risk everything he’s ever worked for. 

Midnight Sisters is an imaginative fairy tale retelling that promises to delight and entertain readers. Midnight Sisters is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Meet Gisella, Hayla, & Isella from Midnight Sisters:

“It’s mine!” Gisella snatched the toy horse from Hayla and bopped her on the head with it. Hard. Hayla began crying at the top of her lungs.
“Meanie!” Isella screeched, grabbing at the horse. Gisella yanked back. Isella let go of the toy and it smashed into her sister’s cheek. Gisella erupted into tears.
Poor toy horse. Stubby bits hung from its hind end where the tail should be. Did I imagine the pained look on its wooden face?
“Markus!” From the sharp edge in her voice, I could tell it wasn’t the first time Mrs. Jenkins had called my name.
“Yes, Mrs. Jenkins?”
She cradled a blubbering Gisella in her arms. The girl sported a goose egg on her forehead and the beginnings of a nasty bruise on her cheek. The look on Mrs. Jenkins’s face said, When will they hire a proper nanny? “I’m taking Lady Gisella inside to have her seen to. Will you mind the other two, Markus?”
My spine went rigid. The thought of being alone with the miniature monsters terrified me to my core. My wooden lips formed the words anyway, “Of course, Mrs. Jenkins.”

Also by Sarah E Boucher:

Becoming Beauty, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, available on AmazonBarnes & Noblebooks & thingsiTunes, and GoodreadsFor the duration of the blog tour (January 9-20) Becoming Beauty eBook will be 99 cents!

Thank you for dropping in! Don't forget to click below and enter the giveaway for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card or a signed copy of Midnight Sisters! 

Also, if you don't already have a copy, download Becoming Beauty for 99 cents on Kindle, Nook, iTunes, etc. Click on the links listed above.

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Book Tour: The Soulstealer's Child

Can a human heart overcome a demon soul?

When soul-eating demons overrun his world, Kaelis, a young seraph warrior, uses the Queen’s ring to open a portal in space and flee with the infant heir to the throne, landing on earth. Unbeknownst to him, the demon leader, Nsark, follows through the portal, determined to devour the soul of every last seraph, especially the Queen’s heir. After Kaelis hides the baby, Nsark creates the ultimate weapon by fathering a half-human, half-demon: a soul-stealer’s child. 

Sixteen years later, an awkward teen named James struggles to fit in with his peers. In a last-ditch effort, he joins the school play, where he meets Lucy. Something deep draws them together, and their friendship reveals their hidden pasts: one is an angel, one is half-demon. Lucy and James find themselves pulled into an age-old war between their peoples. Hunted by relentless enemies, and grappling with deep-seated instincts and strange new powers, they must fight for their lives, their souls, and each other.

Brandon Gray is the pen name of Braden Bell (Brandon writes YA fiction; Braden writes for middle grades). Braden holds a Ph.D. from New York University. He and his family live on a quiet, wooded lot in Tennessee, where he teaches middle school theatre and music. An experienced performer, Braden enjoys reading, gardening, and long summer afternoons writing in his hammock. His most notable skill is being able to eat a full rack of BBQ ribs with one hand on long drives.

Connect with the Author here: 
Facebook ~ Website ~ 
 ~ Amazon ~ Twitter ~ 
 ~ Goodreads ~

James looked down at Lucinda’s head resting against his shoulder, her long tresses streaming down his arm and chest like a river of frozen fire. Her small shoulders rose and fell with each breath, but beyond that, she didn’t move. She looked like a sleeping angel fallen to the earth, and he had to fight the sudden urge to touch her hair. How it would feel to let his fingers run riot through those soft strands? 

Author's Top Ten List
1. My wife
2. My kids
3. My students
4. Dr. Pepper
5. BBQ ribs
6. Amazon gift cards
7. Old Christmas movies
8. Turner Classic Movies
9. My new Amazon Firestick (love this!!!)
10. My job--teaching choir and theatre at a middle school. 

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Christmas Countdown Blitz Day 12

Laura L. Walker grew up in a large family in the beautiful Gila Valley of southern Arizona. From the time Laura was young, ideas for stories bombarded her brain. She would spend hours drawing her characters on paper and fantasizing about their adventures. Life became more serious, however, when Laura met her own hero while at college in northern Arizona and they later became the parents of six children. In between spurts of grocery shopping, sewing costumes or quilts, transporting kids to practices, and making dinner, Laura still enjoys putting her imagination to good use. Laura is the author of two LDS contemporary romances, Pierced by Love and The Matchup. Caitlyn’s Christmas Wish is her first e-novella.

Q & A With The Author:

1.  Describe yourself in 50 words or less.

To the average person, I might seem quiet and shy. But once you get to know me, you'll discover I have an opinion on most everything. I like solitude and time for reflection. I love creative writing and fun sewing projects. And only my family knows that I like to sing.

2. What do you love most in the world?

My family and faith.

Connect with the Author here: 

Just when former model and single mother Caitlyn Drevier Reel has finally put her life back on track after a divorce and six-month stint in rehab, she is surprised to receive an invitation from her ex-in-laws to spend Christmas with the family. After all, she reasons, her ex-husband Grant is constantly on the road with his band and it's only fair to allow them to get to know her young son, Brody. What Caitlyn isn't prepared for, however, is the spark of attraction she feels for Ridge, Grant's older brother, or the sense of belonging to their wonderful family once again. Ridge, who is recovering from his own personal heartache, seems to feel the same about her. As they work together to ensure the success of the Winter Festival that his parents have organized for their small Wyoming town, Caityln begins to envision a bright future. But will Grant's unexpected arrival keep her Christmas wish from coming true?

~ Amazon ~ Amazon UK


Glancing over at Caitlyn, Ridge was surprised to see that her smile had faltered. “What’s the frown for?”   
“Who said I’m frowning?”
She lifted the corners of her mouth again but Ridge wasn’t fooled. “I know what I saw. What’s going on inside that pretty head of yours?” Her silence prompted him to repeat, “Caitlyn?”
He hoped by turning his attention back to the interstate that she would feel comfortable enough to answer. He was right.
“I don’t mind helping your parents out. They have worked so hard to put this festival together. Last night, I caught a glimpse of the toll it has taken on your mom. And frankly, all of you have helped me so much to conquer my addiction to diet pills and my eating disorder and feel like a normal human being again that I couldn’t possibly refuse.”
Ridge silently acknowledged the truth of her statement. Even before Caitlyn had married Grant, she’d been a walking stick. Turned out she was fighting an eating disorder that had developed from her mother’s efforts to control her weight in order to procure top modeling spots through the best agents in the business. “I’m glad my parents got you into rehab when they did. It could have ended badly.” Caitlyn finally hit rock bottom when she discovered that she was pregnant just after she and Grant divorced. That was when his parents decided to intervene.
“Yes. It wasn’t an easy road. Without their support, I wouldn’t have a healthy little boy. I might not even have survived much longer. I got down to a horrifying one hundred and three pounds.”
Ridge remembered how thin she’d been, remembered warning Grant that she needed help. Grant hadn’t appreciated his interference. Ridge might not know what it was like to go through an addiction on top of an eating disorder, but he knew what it was like to be so mired in guilt that personal care no longer mattered. He’d seen Caitlyn’s destructive tendencies for what they were—a cry for help.
Caitlyn had worked hard to become physically and mentally healthy once again, which took the better part of her pregnancy to accomplish. “You should be proud of yourself.”

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Christmas Countdown Blitz Day 11

Brenda Novak’s latest “digital box set for a cure,” ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, is a contemporary romance collection of delightful and romantic Christmas stories. It features Brenda's Rita-nominated novella, “A Dundee Christmas”, as well as stories by some of the biggest romance authors of our time, including #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Debbie Macomber and romance favorites Bella Andre, Melody Anne, Violet Duke, Marie Force, Heather Graham, Laurelin Paige & Kayti McGee, Jane Porter, Melanie Shawn, RaeAnne Thayne, Melinda Curtis, Anna J. Stewart and Scarlett York. The set sells for only $9.99 (less than $1/story) and is up for pre-order now wherever e-books are sold. The box will be released November 1st and will only be available through December 31st.

All the proceeds will go to Boston University to help Dr. Ed Damiano (who also has a son with Type 1) finish engineering the artificial pancreas. Why is his work important? Because the artificial pancreas will go far toward helping insulin-dependent diabetics remain healthy until that elusive biological cure can be found. So, please, pre-order this boxed set today and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You'll get many hours of enjoyable reading in exchange for a small donation that will help a lot of people.

Q & A With The Author:
1.  Describe yourself in 50 words or less.

Determined, hard-working author who loves life, her family, books and travel. 

2. What do you love most in the world?

The beauty that surrounds us and the power of love to heal all wounds.

All the assorted Author's links are on the book's Amazon page: 
 ~ Amazon ~

“5-B POPPY LANE” by Debbie Macomber
Come visit with Helen Shelton, her granddaughter Ruth and Ruth's husband, Paul. They'll offer you a cup of mulled cider and the story of how they met.

For Mary Sullivan Christmas has always been about family. As she hangs her ornaments, she's swept back to the first days of her whirlwind romance with her husband--and the love that would be the foundation on which they built their family.

Brayden Steele gave up his love of Christmas many years ago when he lost his mother and father in a car wreck. But the magic hasn’t given up on him.

If anyone can make Drew Lawson believe in the magic of Christmas, it's the girl-next-door he's classified as completely off-limits.

On the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary, Big Mac and Linda McCarthy take a look back at how they came to be, while each of their children confront a new challenge in their own lives. 

“SPIRIT OF THE SEASON” by Heather Graham”
While struggling to raise her newly orphaned nephew, Davey, widow Becky Wexham must deal with the feelings she experiences when she once again comes into contact with Tim Yeagher, an old flame and Davey's Little League coach.

“A DUNDEE CHRISTMAS” by Brenda Novak
Welcome to Dundee, Idaho, where the town is small but the hearts of the people living in it are large. A woman seeking refuge in an unfamiliar town during a snowstorm is taken in by a man who helps her discover a new sense of home. 

“UNMATCHABLE” by Laurelin Paige and Kayti McGee
After Jane Osborne is unceremoniously dumped by a rich man, and then invited to his wedding, on (Christmas Eve no less), she decides to hire a date from Craigslist and pass him off as an upgrade.

When his goddaughter, Daisy, is orphaned, confirmed bachelor Cormac Sheenan adopts her. All goes well until Marietta's seasonal Santa Claus promises his daughter a mommy for Christmas. 

For the movie star and the single mom, will a Christmas Wish become their new reality? 

Widow and caterer Jenna Wheeler is determined to spin Christmas into the stuff of magic for her four children, even if that means helping out her new landlord, sexy billionaire Carson McRaven..

Simon Castle' s on his way to a make-or-break meeting unseasonably scheduled for December 25--until the gorgeous redhead subbing for his limo driver takes him on a detour.

Can carpenter Hamish MacFadden show free-spirit Essie Goodman how magical family--and Christmas--can be?

“CRUEL INTENTIONS” by Scarlett York
For fans of Pretty Little Liars…It’s hard to be a rhinestone in a diamond world...I was far from living the dream, but now I'm stuck in a nightmare of lies, deceit....and murder. Merry Christmas to me.


KEN RETURNED TO THE CABIN relieved and excited. He’d spent most of the morning at his

mother’s place, calling every associate he could think of, searching for a legitimate position

Cierra could fill. And he’d found one. Lawrence Smith, a guy Ken had known in college, was

living in Boise. Recently divorced, he had full custody of his three children and ran an import

company that specialized in plywoods from Ecuador, the Philippines and Guatemala. His current

nanny was getting married and moving to California the first of the year, which meant he needed

a new one. And he didn’t mind that, for the time being, Cierra wasn’t a U.S. citizen.

The only hard part had been convincing Larry to hire Cierra instead of the woman he’d

already interviewed, and to do it sight unseen. But Ken had vouched for her and promised to

compensate Larry if she didn’t work out. Fortunately, Larry had been mollified when he learned

that Cierra spoke English as well as she did. He considered it a bonus that his caregiver would be

able to communicate with his children and teach them Spanish, since he frequently traveled to

Spanish-speaking countries.

Eager to tell Cierra the news, Ken had tried to call the cabin, but she hadn’t picked up. And

now that he was home, he couldn’t get her to answer when he called her name. Where was she?

In the Jacuzzi?

That would surprise him. She wasn’t the type to relax in the middle of the day. It wasn’t like

her to hang out in her room, either, not when there were boxes that needed to be unpacked.

He checked her room—and saw some clothing stacked on her bed. Judging by the tags, all

still attached, these were the clothes his mother had bought. And, of course, he recognized his

shirt and coat.

“Cierra? Hey, you around?” He already knew she wasn’t. That clothing told him as much.

But he looked in the Jacuzzi room. And the gym. And the patio out back. He even unlocked the

old workroom, where Gabe used to build his furniture. She wasn’t anywhere.

It wasn’t until he came back to the living room, however, that he realized she was gone for

good. That was when he spotted the nativity set he’d bought, remembered how much she liked it

and noticed that something was missing.

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