Editing Services

I actually rather enjoy editing - as long as it's someone else's work! I decided I might as well add one more job I like to the resume. Below is my pricing, as well as what you can expect from me.

Price: .007 - .010 per word, depending on the amount of work needed (I'll let you know before I begin the job). Invoicing will be sent via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to pay).*

Turnaround: Within 28 days; usually sooner. If I feel I won't be able to honor the 28 days due to unforeseen circumstances, I'll give you the option to bow out and send you what I have finished.

I prefer to edit a Word document using the tracking feature so that you can see all edits and choose to accept or reject them. (Note that this is for editing only, not formatting. If you need your manuscript formatted, check my services here. Contact me: authorcindycbennett@gmail.com)

What I Do: I look specifically for:
  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Capitalization and punctuation
  • Passive voice
  • Overuse or duplicate use of words
  • Character and story line consistency
  • Plot holes
  • Tense consistency
  • Double spacing
  • Give suggestions for story line/plot improvements (purely my opinion)
  • Give suggestions for sentence structure or word usage (again, purely my opinion)
What I Don't Do:
  • Change your author voice (I feel very strongly about this, so I won't make your manuscript sound like an English paper)
  • Fact check (especially important if your book is non-fiction)
  • Erotica: I don't read it and feel I'd be doing you a disservice to try and edit something I'm not familiar with
*$25 minimum charge for short stories

Email me for a confirmation of time frame and pricing. authorcindycbennett@gmail.com


  1. I've used her editing services twice now and can honestly say it is the best decision I've ever made! I highly recommend Cindy to anyone and everyone, not to mention she makes you look good! A++++++++

  2. Amazing editor! Cindy is easy to work with, through, experienced, and just all around awesome. I'd recommend her services to everyone!