Thursday, June 30, 2011

Calling All Authors in the Salt Lake Area for a Book Signing

I live in West Jordan (a suburb of Salt Lake City for those of you not familiar with the area). A group of us are hosting a boutique/yard sale/spray tan booth/book signing event at my home on July 15 & 16, which is near a busy highway and therefore will be easy to advertise.

If anyone is interested in bringing some of your books and doing a book signing, let me know. So far it's just me and Sherry Gammon (from NY, but who will be in town for the birth of her grand-baby), but I say the more, the merrier.

Since it's difficult to get anyone to host a book signing - particularly for self-pub or indie authors - I thought, let's just do it ourselves, then. After all, authors are expected to do their own marketing as is, right? And people love to meet authors and have a book signed. Or, if you have bookmarks, give them away free with a signature, and then later they will hopefully purchase your book. So,
why not? It's good name recognition, if nothing else.

If you want to participate, you'll need to provide your own media (posters, books, etc) and if possible your own table. I have plenty of chairs, but a limited number of tables. You will also need to provide your own tablecloth/table decorations.

You are welcome to advertise or sell in any manner you wish, but:

*No car-salesman tactics (high pressure sales)
*No graphic posters or other media (including nudity, curse words)
*Please keep the selling, and speaking to attendees, to a G or PG rating. Keep in mind you're in a conservative market
*No mass advertising of my address. You can give the coordinates, your readers will have no problem finding their way to the house as we are near a busy highway.

Interested? Comment below with an email address, a link to your book title, and any other pertinent info, and I will contact you.

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