Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Healthier Halloween!

We all "know" Halloween candy - all candy - is bad for you, right? But seriously, who's going to skip candy at this time of year when it's being given out in such abundance? So, instead of a dire list of bad-for-you candy, I decided to give you a which-is-the-better-choice list. So now you can eat your candy (in moderation) and not feel quite so guilty about it!

Snickers vs. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

PB Cups have more protein, it's true, but more fat and calories that Snickers, so go with the Snickers on this one. And definitely avoid the Reese's PB Pumkins. Those things are loaded with calories, sugar, and fat.

Snickers (2 fun size): 144 cal., 7.4 g fat, 14 g sugar
Reese's (5 mini): 220 cal., 13 g fat, 23 g sugar
Pumpkins (1): 180 cal., 16 g fat, 11 g sugar

Twix vs. Kit Kat

Twix has three times the amount of sodium, so even if they were close in other numbers, that one would push Kit Kat into the better choice category.

Twix (3 mini): 150 cal., 8 g fat, 15 g sugar
Kit Kat (3 snack size): 210 cal., 11 g fat, 24 g sugar

Starburst vs. Skittles

Though neither can be considered healthy for you, neither are as bad as some of the other choices. If you can limit yourself to the 2 little pieces that come in a Starburst fun size packet, it is the better choice.

Starburst (2 pieces): 40 cal., <1 g fat, 6 g sugar
Skittles (1 fun size): 80 cal., <1 g fat, 15 g sugar

Twizzlers vs. Smarties

Licorice is an easy to over-eat type candy. The nutrition info below is for 4 if anyone can eat just 4! So maybe go for the Smarties instead.

Twizzler (4 pieces): 150 cal., 1 g fat, 21 g sugar
Smarties (2 rolls): 50 cal., 0 g fat, 10 g sugar

Mounds vs. Butterfinger

Sure seems like Mounds should be better for you, with coconut in the middle rather than some mysterious (though delicious) orange plank-like filling. But check the numbers - you're better off with the plank-candy.

Mounds (1 fun size): 250 cal., 13 g fat, 21 g sugar
Butterfinger (1 fun size): 100 cal., 4 g fat, 15 g sugar

Hershey's Miniatures vs. Hershey's Caramel Kisses

Though the numbers run close between these two, you can have 9 caramel filled kisses to the 5 miniatures. At least you'll feel like you're getting more bang for your buck (or calories, as the case may be).

Miniatures (5 pieces): 210 cal., 13 g fat, 22 g sugar
Kisses (9 pieces): 190 cal., 9 g fat, 24 g sugar

Candy Corn vs. everything else

Candy corn is just sugar. The numbers seem low for a full 22 pieces of candy but with over 90,000,000 pounds sold every year (yes, ninety million pounds!), you know you're going to eat more than 22. Avoid this comletely empty sugar, high sodium treat.

Candy corn (22 pieces): 140 cal., 0 g fat, 31 g sugar


  1. Where. Are. My. Jolly Ranchers???? I'll trade any of the above for a JR. Please?

  2. Just for you, Cami:

    Jolly Ranchers (3 pieces): 70 cal., 0g fat, 11g sugar