Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Signing Opportunity for Authors

If you are a Utah author, or you're going to be in Utah Jan 6-7 or if you know a Utah author who might be interested:

I have recently found a boutique being held at the South Towne Expo Center in conjunction with the home show on January 6 & 7. They will rent an 8'x10' booth for $225 for both days of the show. The boutique is from 11am-10pm on Friday and from 10am-10pm on Saturday. If enough authors are interested to make it feasible, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a multi-author book signing. I think it would probably require 8-10 authors interested for it to be financially worth it. ($28/pp with 8, $25/pp with 9, $22.50/pp with 10).

If you are at all interested, let me know ASAP. In an 8x10 area we can probably have 4-5 authors at a time. I thought we could do it similar to this:

Friday from 11-4:30 (4-5 authors) and from 4:30-10 (4-5 authors)
Saturday from 10-4 (4-5 authors) and from 4-10 (4-5 authors)

Each author would come twice, once on each day. For example, I would prefer Friday's day slot, but Saturday's evening slot. So you don't necessarily have to take both days or evenings. Make sense?

I would be willing to go set up tables with tablecloths, though you'd have to bring your own books, bookmarkers, posters, etc. Keep in mind the limited space when planning what to bring.

If you know of any other authors who might be interested, send a link to this post to them. I think we'd probably have to sign up for a booth by this coming weekend. I do know the homeshow is huge, and last year this boutique got quite a bit of traffic.

Anyone interested, email me at geekgirl@comcast.net


Here's who we have scheduled so far, and their times:

Friday 11-4:30: Karey White, Keary Taylor, Cindy C Bennett, Heather Frost
Friday 4:30-10: Keary Taylor, Anna del C Dye, Stephanie Worlton, Jill Vanderwood
Saturday 10-4: Jewel Adams, Mandi Slack, Sherri Mills, Stephanie Worlton, Tres Hatch
Saturday 1:30-5:30 Anna del C Dye Heather Frost
Saturday 4-10: Jewel Adams, Karey White, Mandi Slack, Cindy C Bennett, Sherri Mills, Shannen Crane Camp


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