Friday, April 13, 2012

Forbidden Passions are Amazing!

While forbidden passions really can be amazing, in this case I'm talking specifically about the blog called Forbidden Passions. Catie has been sweet enough to take the time to read and review Reluctance.

Here's some of what Catie had to say: "Reluctance is a short story but I found myself just as involved in this story as I would be with a full scale novel. I liked the characters and I did not feel rushed in any way while reading this short story. Even though it is only 54 pages there is a clear beginning, middle and an end to this story."

If you want to read her whole - and very kind and generous - review, you can here. Thanks to Catie and the Forbidden Passions blog!

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  1. Catie is my blog sister! She is AWESOME!

    Don't forget you signed up for the hop we're doing. It's happening right now! Let me know if you need me to resend you the linky.