Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love for Reviewers!

I can't tell you how great it is when Google Alerts finds a surprise review for me. This week, I found Alyssa.

Thanks to My Secret Romance Book Reviews for the seriously amazing review Alyssa wrote for Heart on a Chain. Here are some of the highlights of her review:

Gahhh- Why did I take so long to read this book? This definitely deserved a 4 ½ star rating. Oh, and FYI: have some tissues handy.

I came across Heart on a Chain. It was heartbreaking. It was emotional. And it was just what I was looking for. (And trust me: four/five star reads are few and far between for me- I don't give that kind of rating out too often.)

[Kate] is by far, now a favorite heroine of mine. She’s very shy and very sweet- she’s lost and alone in a world where she’s been surrounded by so much ugliness.

I’m typically not hardly EVER a fan of nice heroes. But Henry... oh Henry... *moment of silence* ...there are just no words.

Cindy Bennett did a fantastic job evoking emotion in her readers. I absolutely loved her writing style- she never rushed the plot, and she really allowed the characters to develop gradually, just as it would happen in the real world. This was my first novel by Cindy Bennett, and it most definitely won't be my last. If you're looking for an intense and enormously absorbing read, then this is the book for you. :)

I mean, wow, huh? What a great review to totally make my day! Click here to go to My Secret Romance Book Reviews and read the rest of what Alyssa had to say.


  1. I read Geek Girl, Heart on a Chain and Immoral Mine. I have reviewed all of then on Goodreads. I loved them all especially Heart on a Chain. I hope there is a sequel to Immortal Mine cause out of the ones I read that one was the most open ended. I love reviewers myself as a reader because half of the time I take readers advice about reading a book.

  2. I just commented but I just saw Beautiful Beast should be out and just bought it on Amazon but I could not find it associated with you on goodreads but I found it there with you name on it just not on your page. You might want to remedy this cause I know with author I read a lot like you I keep up with their books to read. Just thought I would mention it to you. By the way give me a few hours and you will have another review to read. ;)

  3. Melissa - Thanks for the heads-up about GR. I didn't realize it wasn't on there. Thank you for reading all my books, also! I appreciate it. :o)

    There is a sequel to Immortal Mine. Hopefully it should be out in December.

  4. Cool thanks. Beautiful Beast was wonderful but left me wanting more.