Thursday, November 21, 2013

Even More Great Blogs

Okay, this is how scrambled my brains are these days. I wrote this post a few days ago, but was waiting to update the links on the blogs to post it - and then completely forgot to post it. So some of the blogs from the past couple of days of the tour aren't on here, but will be on the post after tomorrow.

As you know, A Fantasy Christmas is currently on tour. I posted the other day about some of the early blogs on the tour (you can see them here). Today I want to tout some more of these amazing people who have given of their time, and blog space, to help us out.

We had a few bloggers who reviewed the book. I wish I could convey how very much we love an appreciate our reviewers. Seriously, without them, any author's books are dead in the water. Okay, not any author (as proven by JK Rowling's book that did nothing until it came out that it was her book under a pen name, but for most authors). So here are some people who did us a solid and reviewed the book, as well as some of what they had to say.

Amanda at Wicca Witch 4 Books, who's always an amazing supporter, had this to say:

Wonderfully Done! Cindy, Sherry and Stephanie blew me away with these three short Christmas stories. They were beautiful, inspiring and deeply romantic!

I have read Cindy and Sherry's work before and I am a BIG fan of them both! I was equally in love with Stephanie's story and style of writing and would definitely would like to read more from her in the future.

masterful work ladies! I couldn't put the book down! the stories were amazing! if you haven't read this wonderful piece of work it should defiantly be on your TBR list as it is a for sure read for the holiday season! 

You can read the rest of her review here.

Heidi from LDS and Lovin' It said:

A delightful collection of clean, fantasy-related romance, A Fantasy Christmas provided a great deal of enjoyment for me.  Not only are the stories well-written, but the characters are unique and made me smile. With plenty of magic and mayhem, the authors sent me on a fun journey through love and adventure.  A series of stories that I can highly recommend.  I only wish they had been a little longer so I could have stayed with the characters just a bit more.

You can read her 5-flower I Loved It review here.

Sherry Gammon, who happens to be one of the amazing authors of this book, ran a guest post written by your truly on her blog titled "Christmas Fantasies Dancing in Our Heads".  

Other blogs who allowed us to stop by and say hi are:

 Bookworm Lisa, who planned to do a review but due to family emergencies didn't have time. We're very grateful she did take the time to write a post in spite of her many stresses.

Author Anna del C Dye

Author Shantal Sessions

You can see who else is coming up on the tour here.

Pick up your own copy of the book today at these online retailers:

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