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Blog Tour: A Space Between Worlds


About A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception:

Songstress Shanti’s final performance is no different than any other. Gazing into the mirror, the Songstress laments her faceless curse. To hide her unsightliness, she dons a beautiful mask. She knows she doesn’t belong in the darkness. Her desire is to live in a world of eternal light, to be seen for who she truly is.

An enigmatic man who calls himself Avidia beckons Shanti, claiming to know how to conceive the world of light sleeping inside of her, and escape her current world of darkness, Cauraaha. Avidia poses the question that will be the key to her desire, as well as an unresolved pain:

“What is your first memory?”

Reno, a gentle florist, has his own stigma, a translucent coil of thorns wrapped around his arm, draining him of life at the utterance of the word “Promise”. Hidden away in his heart is the knowledge of a past he doesn’t wish to face, one that connects to Shanti, Avidia, and her curse.

A dual narrative of introspection and self-discovery, A Space Between Worlds eloquently questions the truths of life and death, timeless bonds, and regret through lyrical imagination, philosophy, surrealism, and a journey through the unconscious mind.

My Review: This book is unlike any other you'll read. A lot of the time I as I read it I imagined it as anime or could picture it as a graphic novel. Very visual writing and an interesting story about keeping promises and getting a second chance to make right mistakes from past lives, and about how the strength of love can cross the boundaries of reality and time. If you like speculative fiction or fantasy (or anime or graphic novels for that matter) then this is a book you'll enjoy immensely.


Excerpt #1 from A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception:
Flurries of snow crossed over the fan-like leaves of forest’s trees, lightly dusting the tips of their colorful tendrils with white frost. Even without the wind, the flurries continued to move, wrapping themselves around moss covered trunks and licking the faces of imperfect stones. The animals were hush as if they fled into unknown hiding place. An uneasy silence pinched Reno’s ears. Undisturbed by the sudden change in weather, he watched his breath raise into the canopy. Moments wouldn’t pass, it seemed, as the thin white ribbon would arc and linger at the precipice of the canopy before being consumed by the encroaching darkness. Reno continued on the main path, trudging on the blanket of fallen leaves. The path seemed endless, much like the message the woman in white left him echoing in his mind. Unclear, her voice was, like a skipping record. Bits and pieces of her words were shuffling, seeping into the muck of other thoughts. The situation felt unreal to him. The scent of lavender and of blood dawdled in his nostrils.

Excerpt #2 from A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception:
Their voices, even long after they’d spoken, lingered by the shore; nothing was lost and nothing was recovered. The man reached out in front of him where the tides of the sea, black like ink, gravitated to the horizon. The choppy waves never washed ashore, as if they were fleeing, desperately seeking an exit. The land wasn't its home. The same could be said for them. The man and the frail girl sat in mutual silence, each enraptured by what was ahead. On the horizon, the misshapen moon's pale light skipped across the sea but didn’t reach them. The man widened his eyes, hoping to absorb its light. The moon quivered, glaring back at him mockingly.



J.D. Woodson was born Chicago, Illinois in 1992. He grew up in Palos Park, a quiet suburb southwest of Chicago. During his early years, J.D. gained a fondness towards poetry and continued to writing it through primary school and high school, winning small awards for his work. He would attend Columbia College Chicago with intent to major in poetry, however he shifted his focus and major to Fiction Writing due to his love for storytelling. After his sophomore year, he would take a leave of absence to study outside of the workshop method he was taught and gained experience as a ghostwriter which his projects spanned from fiction to non-fiction. To read more about J.D., you can visit him on his website.


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