Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Countdown Blitz Day 2

Tara Mayoros teaches guitar, paints, occasionally bakes, and loves working with plants. She's an avid collector of globes and maps, as they help with her incurable case of wanderlust. The Rocky Mountains are her home and they call to her whenever she is in need of inspiration. She explores them regularly with her husband and three children.

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Christmas is already going to be tough for Marie and her family. When a series of events is set in motion long before a Christmas Eve tragedy, she is too occupied to notice God's grace. An emergency letter to Santa sets her on a quest for a Christmas miracle. With time running out, she prays for the first time in a long time. A miracle does happen, but it is not what she expected.

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I placed my flip flop on the pedal and pushed behind Anthony as we made our way along the sidewalk. We wove along the neighborhood streets, looking at the dry creek beds and gravel landscaping. Christmas lights were wrapped around the trunks of palm trees and weaved in and out of cactus prickles. It took a very brave soul to decorate the saguaro or prickly pear plants, and yet so many did.
Another example that I wasn't made of tough enough stuff to bloom in the desert.
Even the Acacia, Ironwood, and Mesquite trees had thorns. And the lovely fuchsia Bougainvillea? I looked down at some scratches on my fleshy arms. Well, the Bougainvillea had won the battle the other day when I'd tried to give it a winter haircut.

Every single plant in the desert wanted to kill me.

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