Monday, September 24, 2012

More Blogger Love

Thanks to Sonya at Sonya's Stuff and Hope at 2 Geek Girls Review Books for taking the time to read and review Heart on a Chain. I really appreciate them doing so! Go to their blogs to read their entire reviews.


 Sonya's Stuff: Sonya says: "This Young Adult story is really popular with women of all ages due to the lead male character. I see people all over the internet asking for books with, ‘Heroes like Henry’." "Dealing with domestic abuse and bullying, as well as a serious teen romance, this isn’t an easy YA read, but I can definitely see how it came to be loved by so many." "As I said, this isn’t a light-hearted book. But then who doesn’t like their YA books deep and angst-ridden?"

 2 Geek Girls Review Books: Hope says: "It’s a very intriguing story." "Henry was the boy who became Kate’s friend. I loved getting to know him and seeing that boys can in fact be gentlemen." "Kate’s transformation. You slowly read about Kate’s story and how it changes her." "There are several graphic abuse scenes in this novel, but they way they are written and the story insight these scenes told made it feel real for me. I was there. I felt it. It gave me a deeper understanding of Kate and her actions." "Go forth and read my pretties!"


  1. Thanks for the mention!
    I’m getting back into YA stories at the moment, and Heart on a Chain has definitely been one of the most memorable of my recent reads. I can see myself doing a reread soon.

  2. Aww, thanks for the mention Cindy! Really loved HoaC! xoxox!