Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where are the Christians? Blog Tour

Where are theChristians? uses the classic format of who, what, where and how to explore Christianity and the dynamics that unite and divide the religion into what Shuster refers to as “the unrealized potential it suffers from today.”  Where are the Christians? is designed to enlighten the reader as to who the Christians are from a historical perspective; what a Christian is from a spiritual perspective; where the Christians are from a behavioral perspective; and how Christianity can be strengthened and more united from a societal perspective. The book examines hundreds of biblical and scholarly sources, analyzing data from a multitude of studies leading to unique perspectives and solutions to the challenges facing Christianity in the modern era.

The book’s author, Eric Shuster, known for spiritual outreach across the Christian isle in previous books, says “The greatest strength of Christianity is its diversity in having something for everyone; however, that strength is also its greatest weakness in failing to unite toward a greater influence— especially in America where at times one finds it difficult to believe 76% of Americans call themselves Christian.” The striking nature of Shuster’s insights into Christian history, biblical theology, spiritual data, and social dynamics are sure to impact the discussion of Christianity among all religions as he adds fresh perspective to an increasingly volatile subject.

About the Author

Eric Shuster has dedicated his writing career to building bridges of understanding between Christians. He is the executive director of the Foundation for Christian Studies (, a non-profit organization dedicated to the study, teaching, and practice of Christianity in support of essential Christian values and compassionate service across the globe. With his professional research background, directorship at the Foundation for Christian Studies, and his unique life experiences, Eric is able to delve into complex spiritual subject matter and make it understandable and enjoyable to the everyday reader.

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