Thursday, February 11, 2016

Notice: Valentines Day Cancelled Due to Cruelty!

I am hereby giving notice that Valentine's Day has been cancelled - at least for me. From here on out, February 14th will simple be the day after February 13th and the day before February 15th. It will hereafter be referred to a V-day (Vengeful day or Venom day or Vicious day, take your pick).

I've come to the conclusion that V-day is actually a cruel holiday, and not just for the single people. Here's why.

If one is single, it seems to be a day that is nothing more than a reminder that they're alone. It's a day to say

If in a relationship, there's still an intense amount of pressure that comes with V-day. How to plan the perfectly romantic evening, and how to buy the perfectly romantic gift puts undue stress on a person. 

Notice that all commercials and gifts are geared toward what to buy her. She doesn't really want flowers that are going to wilt and die in a few days, or candy which she thinks will make her fat. Which leaves jewelry, and so now one has to decide which jewelry is appropriate that won't either be too meaningful (I don't want to marry you just yet), or too casual (but I do love you). And then hope like heck that she likes the jewelry!
And what is she supposed to buy for him? He definitely doesn't want any of those three things (okay, maybe the candy). So then what? If in an intimate relationship one can always buy lingerie to wear for him (because really, what man doesn't like that?). However, if the relationship hasn't progressed to that point, then what?

Are you starting to see the cruelty of V-day?

So I hereby renounce V-day! I will support Galentine's Day (a day for you and your gals to hang out and celebrate one another without the above pressures and expectations). Or Guylentine's Day (the same thing for guys). And I will also support your decision to continue to celebrate V-day with your own lover. 

Because that's what's so great about life, getting to make your own decisions that are right for you and not trying to impose your thoughts or decisions on someone else. 

So for those who will celebrate, Happy V-day! And for those who, like me, have given it up, have a happy February 14th!

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