Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Book Blitz Day 7

Author M.M. Roethig is a 'happily-ever-after' author whose guilty pleasure is a swoon worthy romance. Growing up, she spent her youth on various Air Force bases in many different states, which encouraged her imagination and love of make believe stories with each new city, scenery, and situation.

Finally settling in Idaho, M.M. Roethig finished her schooling years and eventually met and married her very own Prince Charming. A recent move took her to Northern Colorado, a place she has instantly fallen in love with and embraced as her home.

When she's not swooning over romance stories or writing, M.M. Roethig enjoys spending time with her husband and son who also call Colorado home. With two grown daughters and one son-in-law living in Idaho, she finds every excuse to travel back as much as possible.

Other hobbies M.M. Roethig enjoys is running, photography, baking, watching her son swim, trying new board games, and cheering on the Denver Broncos.

A dancer and a Marine—two worlds collide.

Chloe Johnson is no stranger to the spotlight. A prestigious member of the LA Laker Girls, she’s in the public eye regularly. Her world is perfect.

Eric Taylor, on the other hand, is damaged, both body and spirit. Injured overseas, he returns home with fresh physical wounds, invisible emotional scars, and a bad attitude.

When Chloe becomes the object of affection to an unknown stalker, she must leave her life behind and rely on a total stranger, and the only man she’s ever met who’s never happy to see her—Eric. Can she trust this hardened soldier with her life?

Adjusting to civilian life hasn’t been easy for Eric. Swearing off women forever, all he wants is to be left alone. However, his world is thrown into chaos when Chloe appears on his doorstep as an invited guest of Eric’s twin brother. Bewitched by her innocent charms, Eric fights to keep her at arm’s length, putting his No More Women resolve to the test.

Everything soon changes when Chloe’s stalker trackers her down, making her a pawn in a cat and mouse game of Dangerous Obsession.

**Included at the end of this book is the short story, Reflections.**

"I was whisked away into Chloe’s life of glamor, and submerged into the harsh horrors of Eric’s. Suddenly, when a stalker believes Chloe must be his, her life no longer seems so glittery. Thank goodness for safety behind the pages of a book! Thank goodness for excellent writers as Roethig who had me whipping the pages for the next exciting turn!" ~Elizabeth Mueller, author

 Let's look inside with a snippet!

“What makes you think anything happened?” she smiled as she got in the truck. He waited. “Fine, I can’t tell you . . . yet,” she clarified when he narrowed his eyes. “I’ll tell you when the time is right.” She winked as he got in and shut the door, and he decided he couldn’t wait a moment longer to kiss her.
He leaned in, placed his free hand on the nape of her neck, and pulled her to him. He would have smiled at the lack of resistance he felt if he wasn’t so focused on her lips. She wore no makeup and had a sheen of sweat on her face, but he didn’t care. He closed the space between them and crushed his lips down on hers. He felt the instant heat flush his skin, electrifying the small space. He groaned and pulled her across the seat until she straddled his lap, their lips moving together in an intimate dance.
He felt her fingers in his hair, gently massaging his scalp as his hands pressed her as close as possible. He couldn’t get close enough. When he finally broke the kiss, they were both breathing hard. 
“I’ve been waiting to do that since our last kiss,” he explained when her hooded gaze met his.
“Next time, GI,” she said as she swiped the hair out of his eyes. “don’t wait so long.”
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