Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday Girl Brag

Today is the birthday of someone who means the world to me. So I thought I'd write a little post celebrating her.

Lexcie was born on this day seventeen years ago. She was a beautiful baby girl who - while a bit unexpected - was wholly welcomed. She's my baby girl. I always planned for her, she just came a bit earlier than expected.

She was probably my least cuddly baby. She had far too many things to observe in the world and didn't have time to be cuddled close when she could be looking around. And yet, she's more attached to me than any of my other kids. That's just one of the paradoxes that make Lexcie who she is.

She was a bit of a wild child. I maintain that she was born last because God knew that no matter where she came, she would be the last because she was... well, let's say high maintainance. She was everywhere, into everything, I couldn't possibly keep up with her energy. When she was very young she took a black Sharpie and drew a black circle on her pink carpet, in which she would sit to use the crayons to color on her white closet doors. We used to tease that it was her devil circle. It was anything but, since she is my absolute angel. Don't believe me? Ask her: she'll tell you.

My favorite Lexcie story: When she was 3, for Christmas we gave our kids a cruise. We sent them on a scavenger hunt throughout the house looking for clues, ending with a toy cruise boat and a note telling them what it meant. This was shortly after the advent of Titanic - and who knows how my 3-year-old had seen and was aware of the movie! But while her siblings whooped and hollered in excitement, she went and sat on the floor, looking distinctly upset.

Me: What's wrong, Lexcie? Don't you understand? We're going to fly on an airplane, and then get on a really big, beautiful boat for a cruise on the ocean.

Lexcie (looking me accusingly in the eye): Yeah, and we're gonna die!

When my son was writing an essay about his family, in which he needed one paragraph per family member, his paragraph on Lexcie began, "You know that show, Kids Say the Darndest Things? Well, that's my sister Lexcie." He was right. You never know what Lexcie will say when she opens her mouth. She's honest, blunt, and to-the-point. She's one of the funniest people I know. Even with her bluntness, she's one of the kindest, sweetest people I know.

So, to my daughter who I love, and who has made my life complete on so many levels, I say Happy Birthday, baby!
Lexcie - cover model for the original Geek Girl


  1. Love that girl! And you mama bear, congratulations on raising such a wonderful person. I feel sorry for anyone stepping on her toes... she'll make sure that won't happen again.

  2. This is one of the BEST blog posts I have ever read. What an incredible tribute to your daughter! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEXCIE! If I could, I would give you a big hug!!!

    Love that she was on the original cover!!!!!

  3. Thanks, Mindy. I went ahead and took the liberty of giving Lexcie a big hug on your behalf. :o)

    Cami - I didn't have much to do with how she turned out. I think she would have been the same no matter what I did. But I am pretty proud of her. I love that girl, too!