Monday, January 30, 2012

Lindsay Ann Says...

On her blog, Lindsay Ann Says, my daughter surprised me by writing this amazing review of Immortal Mine. I have to say, she's a sweetheart! (And I'm no more biased in my opinion than she is in hers :o))

What she had to say:

"...when I first read the back of the book it sounded slightly like Twilight to me, so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. But it is nothing like Twilight! ... It is a whole different story, and it is very unique and entertaining. ... I loved it. I was getting near the end of the book and everything was all happy when BAM! Suddenly, the book took a very unexpected turn. Immortal Mine was such an unpredictable story and I loved it. Immortal Mine was an amazing paranormal romance book that I would recommend to everyone... In fact, it is my favorite book of Cindy's so far."

Want to win a copy? Enter here.

Had to add to this a cool comment from author John Hansen written on FB about Geek Girl: "You're book has been one of the biggest suprises for me in literature. Like, ever. Seriously. I've hated romance until that book. :D"

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