Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seriously Love Surprise Reviews!

My google alert notice alerted me to this amazing review from The Book Bundle:

"This book is beautiful, heartbreaking, and hopeful. Bennett has created characters who live and breathe on the pages--even some of the minor characters--and she sucks you into a world no one wants to live in yet people somehow survive. The tormenting Kate suffers at school may seem overblown, but having seen it in action during my childhood I can say it's not overdramatized by much. The cruelties of children are equalled by their kindnesses. It's a strange phenomenon. This is also true of the families presented in the book. Henry's family is almost too good to be true: loving, warm, generous, accepting and a perfect foil to the cold, angry home Kate has grown up in. Bennett shows readers both extremes of the spectrum and somehow manages to give the book balance, not letting it get too dark or overly fluffy and light."

This is just an excerpt of the whole, beautiful review that you can read here. She gave it a 10/10. Wow!

Thanks to Sera Phyn for the fantastic surprise, which she ran on both The Book Bundle, and her other blog Incandescent. Stop by and read the whole thing.


  1. Sera always does amazing reviews. I'm glad that you liked it and thanks for mentioning our lil review blog :)

  2. Thanks for mentioning my site, Cindy! So glad you found the review! :)

  3. Emily & Sera: Thanks to YOU for giving my book some love on YOUR blog! Sera, I'm glad I found it also. :o)