Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Amazing Young Woman I'm Blessed With

Back in January, I celebrated my youngest daughters birthday with a post dedicated to her. Today, I celebrate the birth of my older daughter, Lindsay.

A couple of years before she was born, I was sitting in church and a few pews ahead was the cutest little girl with strawberry blond hair, pale skin, squinty eyes, and she was adorable. I was smitten. I so badly wanted a cute little girl like that for my own. So, I prayed for her. And, I got her.

Lindsay was born 19 years ago today. She had strawberry blond hair, pale skin, squinty eyes, a cute little cleft chin, and she was adorable. I was beyond smitten - still am, truth be told. She was a healthy baby, average weight and length. By her first birthday she was in the 10 percentile for height and weight and stayed there for most of her childhood. She was a tiny little thing, with charm enough for twelve babies. We used to say she was "working the room" anywhere we went because people were drawn to her, and she would completely charm them within seconds.

As she grew (slowly), she was always my little sensitive girl, the one who hated it when anyone showed any kind of contention. She absolutely adored her two big brothers. She would have done anything for them. When her baby sister came along two months shy of her second birthday, she became my little helper. She was such a good, mellow, happy child that I never had any problems with. She was so little, though, and her sister big for her age (she was in the 90 percentile), that everyone always thought they were twins. Of course I dressed them alike many times, so that probably contributed to the illusion.

Lindsay has been nothing but a joy to me. She hasn't been perfect, she's had her struggles as she navigated the muddy waters of teenagehood. But she has come out on top, working through her problems and becoming a grown-up version of that charming little girl. She's still small (not quite 5'1") and about as big around as a bean pole. She graduated with her Associates Degree a month before she graduated high school, and now attends the University of Utah, working towards her eventual Doctorate in Psychology so she can help teens who are going through the same types of problems she went through.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy hanging out with Lindsay. She and I have some great conversations. I love just spending time with her. She works as my assistant, and I don't ever have to worry about whether she's getting her work done. She's a hard worker, honest, with an abundance of integrity. All of my adult friends and acquaintances love her, which speaks volumes to me about her character.

I coveted her, I wished for her, I prayed for her, and I got so much more than I had even hoped for. I'm so grateful to God for giving me the gift of my beautiful daughter, Lindsay (who, by the way, is my cover model for Heart on a Chain). Happy birthday, baby!

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