Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why I Love March

There are many reasons March is becoming my favorite month. Here are some of them:
  • March is the beginning of the end of winter, and the beginning of spring, which means soon it will be summer, and who doesn't love summer?
  • In March of 1993 one of my four very favorite people in the world was born (for a hint, see this)
  • In March(ish) of 2010 I took the online course that introduced me to my current invaluable critique partners
  • In March of 2011 I signed my first contract with Cedar Fort for Geek Girl
  • Also in March of 2011 I sold more copies of Heart on a Chain than ever before, and felt like a real author for the first time :o)
  • This month I have several reasons so far to love the month, and here they are:
    • Being placed on Melissa Mosloski's blog "Life's Little Moment's" list for Favorite Books of 2011
    • A fantastic review from Jeanette Whitus of "Walking on Bookshelves" for Immortal Mine
    • An amazing review from Catie Vargas of "Forbidden Passions" also for Immortal Mine (Have I mentioned how very much I love and appreciate book bloggers? Without you, I would never have sold a single book.)
    • So far this month I've received over a dozen emails or messages from readers telling me how much they liked either Immortal Mine, Heart on a Chain, or Geek Girl. (Have I mentioned how much I adore my readers? Withouy you I would be nothing. You are all, seriously, the best ever!) I get the best emails and messages from my readers.
    • One of my all-time favorite readers (Courtney) emailed to let me know she'd made me something and to be expecting my late Christmas gift from her (I haven't received it yet, but can hardly wait!)
Is it any wonder that March is quickly moving up my list and will soon be taking the spot of my all-time favorite month? The Irish have nothing on one humble, grateful, lucky YA author!

Melissa Mosloski

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