Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Best of 2012 Giveaway Hop

Best of 2012 Giveaway Hop

December 27th to 31st

For the Best of 2012 Giveaway I decided to give away a copy of Slammed by Colleen Hoover, Insight by Jolene Perry, or if you prefer an inspirational book, Rebecca's World of Inspirational Poems.

While I can't say any one is my absolute favorite book of all-time, they're really good ones. In Slammed, Lake is a cool chick, and the poetry was really interesting. I fell head-over-heels with Kel and Caulder, the younger brothers of Lake and Will. They were the most interesting aspect of the book in my opinion. 
In Insight, I found the concept of being unable to touch people without getting a vision about them, their future, their past, or whatever it is Micah gets from the person, fascinating to say the least. The book quickly surprised me by turning in an unexpected (by me, at least< direction). 
Rebecca's World of Inspirational Poems is just a really beautiful book of amazing photographs and inspirational poems inspired by the author's life.

I spend so much time writing that I rarely have time to read anymore so whenever I do get a chance to read, it needs to be something to make it worth my time to stop writing long enough to enjoy someone else's work. 

All three of these fit into that category for me.

The winner can choose any one of the books. I'll gift Slammed or Insight to the winner via Amazon or Barnes & Noble (your choice, depending on your reader) and Rebecca's World of Inspirational Poems will be via Smashwords.

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