Friday, December 7, 2012

Realm of the Lost Interview

 Realm of the Lost by Emma Eden Ramos (Novella)

What happens when you die before your time?

Thirteen-year-old Kathleen "Kat" Gallagher has had it with her family. The eldest of three children, Kat feels trapped ever since her parents’ separated and she has had to take on more responsibility than she feels prepared for. Everything changes on a frigid morning in mid-December when an accident propels Kat into unfamiliar territory.

Stuck in the place where people go when they have died before their time, Kat must face obstacles she could never have imagined.

With the help of other young inhabitants of the Realm of the Lost, Kat learns the true meaning of friendship and family.
Interview of Emma Eden Ramos writer of Realm of the Lost:
CB: At what point did you decide to become a writer? Was there someone or something that specifically inspired you?

EER: I began experimenting with poetry when I was fifteen. While I knew I wanted to write fiction at around thirteen to fourteen, I didn't begin until I was twenty-one. If I trace my love for both reading and writing back to childhood, I have to pause at one particular book. That book is Lois Lowry's The Giver. I read The Giver in fifth grade and, while I'd always loved reading, I don’t think I fully understood the power of strong writing until I read Lois Lowry's award-winning novel. 
CB: When you are writing, where are you, and what do you have with you?

EER: I tend to write in either my living room or my bedroom. If the weather's warm and welcoming, I may sit in Central Park. If I can have a nice cup of Earl Grey tea by my side while I write, I'm quite content.

CB: How do you write: outline or seat of your pants, and why?

EER: I tend to write with a collection of notes in my lap. Because I am not a visual person, outlines don't help. My notes are, however, usually more about the characters than the story itself. Film director Howard Hawks once said, "Everybody has seen every plot twenty times. What they haven't seen is characters and their relation to one another." While I do feel that it is important to have a general blueprint of the plot somewhere within reach, I have also found that if you know your characters well, they will be the guiding force behind the story.

CB:Tell us about your inspiration for Realm of the Lost?

EER: The Realm of the Lost was initially conceived during a family gathering. My cousin was getting married; there were people from ages three months to ninety-three-years present. I began thinking about the life-cycle and what happens when we die. What do we leave behind? Where do you go? These questions stuck with me, and I began The Realm of the Lost on the flight home.

CB: What are you working on now?

EER: I am currently working on another book for young readers. Please stay tuned! 

 I'd like to thank Emma for taking time out of her busy touring schedule to stop by for the interview. Good luck with the book, Emma!

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