Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's See What Terrific Blogs are on Tour Today...

Mudrock and Pink Nail Polish: Mandi says: "Beautifully written, Geek Girl is one of those stories you will fall in love with fast." "The author did a wonderful job engaging readers in Jen's story and psyche immediately. Each character is important and adds dimension to the plot." "I recommend Geek Girl for anyone looking for a clean, really fun, and very well-written story. I loved it!" 

All About Me: (Review and Interview) Pamela says:"The most special thing about this book was how it came alive for me. Jen and Trevor were solid characters that felt very true, and because of that, they leaped off the pages." "Geek Girl is a must read for anyone who loves romance, YA, family-orientated fiction or a damn good read. I’m recommending this to anyone who will listen."

Practical Frugality: "What a fantastic YA book. I also think that women of any age, and social status during their high-school years will enjoy this and be able to relate to the story."

Ink Scratchers: Jade says: "Stop smiling Jade. Stop smiling!. . .  Stop enjoying this book!" "I had awww moments and yay moments and I barely made it through this book without looking at the last page to see how it turned out (I would have if it wasn't my kindle that i was reading it on)." "...when we get to the second half, we hear Jen's story, ...the book takes this whole new direction with sweet moments but also a lot of heartbreak."

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