Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where is Geek Girl Hanging out Today?

Thoughts at One in the Morning: Jessica says: "I loved the geek talk, the emotions, the development of Jen and Trevor’s relationship, it was all great." "Trevor was definitely a crush-worthy guy in my opinion." "His sweetness is the cherry on the ice cream sundae of his crush-worthiness."

Bookworm Lisa: Lisa says: "There is drama and heartache. It isn't resolved overnight for the characters. They have to face the emotional impact of their decisions. This seems real to me." "I vacillated between four and five stars and thought that the way the book made me feel at the end was definitely worth the five stars."

Books to the Sky: Kaitlin says: "I adored this book. Absolutely adored." "Even though the storyline was a bit predictable, that didn't deter me from reading it. In fact, I would say it was the opposite. I couldn't put Geek Girl down!" "Geek Girl made me smile, giggle and wish that I'd met a boy like Trevor in high school!"

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  1. Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of the tour for such an awesome book! <3