Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Love for Geek Girl on Todays Blog Tour Stops

Imaginary Reads: (Review, Interview with Trevor, Interview with Cindy) Kris says: "I enjoyed watching Jen unsettle Trevor and unintentionally getting unsettled herself."  "While it starts with a bet, Geek Girl is a sweet story about opening your heart to love and all the hardships that come with it. It is different from the usual contemporary read and filled with laughs, tears, and smiles."

Lani Woodland: Lani says: "This was a really fun read. I, being a Geek myself, enjoyed all the Geeky movie references. :) I really, really liked Jen and Trev." "The book delved deeper than just the romance between the two of them. It explored Jen's feelings with her biological parents and her foster parents. This book made me laugh and cry."

Mrs. Papillion "The Book Worm": Mrs. Papillion says: "I really loved the story to this book. Jen is definitely one character who had me crying in certain parts of the book, especially when she explained what happened to her and why she went into foster care. " "I definitely recommend this book." "I loved this book and that is why I gave it 5 stars."


  1. Hi Cindy, Looks like you have a great blog tour going! Thanks for the comments on my blog about book signings. I think you live near me. It'd be fun to do a signing together some time. (I have to wait until after Feb. though.)

  2. Hi, Rebecca. I think I probably do live near you. I'm in West Jordan. We should defintely do a book signing together. You'll be crazy busy as your release date nears, and for a few weeks after it does. I told my kids if they didn't tell me now what they want for Christmas, they would be getting IOU's. :o) I'm even going to put my tree up this week because I know I won't have time after this week. And that's all I'm putting up this year. No time for anything else!

  3. Cindy, I'm in West Jordan too! I got your book for a Christmas present today at Costco. It looks really good (and I'm picky about books--great first page.) I know exactly what you mean about busy. In September, my release date got pushed back from March to May. In November, it got pushed up to February, so I am all about marketing now.

  4. Wow, nothing like a schizophrenic release date. lol. You're probably glad they moved it up to Feb though. You're book looks great. I read what you have on your blog, and it is really interesting. I wanted to keep reading. :o) When you're ready to schedule your blog tour (if you haven't already) let me know. I'd love to be part of it.