Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Musings by the Blog's Hosting Geek Girl

Wrathsqueen's Books: (Review and Interview) Erin says: "A definite read for fans of contemporary YA, it's up there with Stephanie Perkins and Simone Elkeles and was a 5/5 stars read for me." "And Trev ... I think I love that geek- smart,sweet and funny." "I'm a sucker for opposites attract romances and boy is this one!"

Taffy's Writings/The Book Addict: (Review/Interview/Guest Post) Taffy says: "Girl gets boy, girl loses boy, girl gets boy again. This is the basic plot behind GEEK GIRL but it's sooo much more!" "Loved the sci-fi references. Loved the cute romance. Loved the relationships. Loved the book." "I highly recommend this clean, high school romance to any teen!"

Book Spark: Ana says: "This was definitely one of the better romance/chick-lit books out there." "I must warn you there is a load of sap, but it's good sap. I loved it. There were so many instances I wanted to bawl my eyes out..." "It's coming-of-age, it's finding identity, and more."


  1. Just finished Heart On A Chain. Read it in a day! Wow, wow, wow! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. It was heartbreaking but full of so much hope. I'm planning on blogging about and insisting that others read it too. Thanks for sharing your awesome talent. Can't wait to read Geek Girl!

  2. Ruth - Thank you! That's so nice of you. Let me know when you blog about it and I'll spread the word from this end. Thanks!! :o)

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