Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today's Geek Girl Blog Stops

Courtney's Book Nook: Courtney says: "Great beginning and great ending." "... it has an original plot and outstanding writing." "When I read her book ... I fell in love with her story of Jen and Trevor."

Inklings Read: Sarah says: "Geek Girl is one to own simply for it’s stunning cover!!" "Jen is nothing like the usual insecure, boring, dependent, YA females ... I not only found her story intriguing, but her character was extremely complex."

The Character Connection: Read Cindy's guest post on developing characters for your story!


  1. I posted mine last night in fear I would forget and sleep til noon and miss both the review and my family reunion. So i was paranoid and did it last night.
    - Courtney W. :)

  2. Courtney - That's completely fine, and actually good because then I could get this post set up early this morning with the direct link to the review, so thank you!

    BTW, hope you made your family reunion on time, and had fun. :o)

  3. Can't wait for you book signing tours on Black Friday. You're great. I get excited to see what book you're going to come up with next.