Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Stops for the Geek Girl Tour!

Books Complete Me: Mindy says: "Cindy Bennett is BRILLIANT in capturing the emotion and the life of being a teenager in high school." "I could not put the book down and did not want to! I laughed, cried, held my breathe and wished and hoped." "I love the message this books sends out to everyone!" "I could not loan this book out fast enough after I read it."

JeanzBookReadNReview: (Interview and Review): Jeanz says: "I initially thought I wasn't going to like the book, but decided to continue reading and as I got further into reading the book I really did find myself enjoying it and wondering what would happen." "You really need to buy the book when it comes out, I recommend it!" "I loved the adult characters in the book too." Jeanz is also having a giveaway, so make sure to stop by!

LDS Women's Book Review: Mindy says: "Jen is a great character. She’s very snarky and snide at times ..." "I enjoyed the way the author showed their growing relationship, and the subtle changes that Jen takes in her appearance and attitude towards her foster family ..." "My favorite was Trevor, he may have been a geek in her eyes, but I thought he was just a great kid." "I loved the many science fiction references."


  1. Thank you for allowing me and Books Complete Me be part of this tour Cindy! This book is amazing!!!

  2. Thanks to you, Mindy, for joining the tour! :o)