Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Stops for Geek Girl

Totally Obsessed: (Review and Guest Post) NaKesha says: "I loved this book!" "Halfway through, honestly, I almost forgot about the bet. The story grows so much bigger than turning geeky Trevor into a bad boy." "Cindy has a way of writing in some great guy lead character, I tell you (see Henry in Heart on a Chain)."  Stop by to read Cindy's post "Getting Published: Not for the Faint of Heart".

Passion for Novels: Gemma says: "As a protagonist Jen is likable ... I love Trevor in this book ..." "Jen is quite inspiring as a character because she moves from her style to geek and then finds something in the middle. Something which suits her rather than the people around her."

Twisting the Lens: Jaime says: "Jen is relatable in what she feels and the decisions she makes, even though they may not always be the right ones. By the end, it is a decision of who one is ‘expected’ to be and who one can become." "The characters are likable enough that people would tune in ... to find out more about Jen and Trevor.

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