Thursday, November 17, 2011

Terrific Thursday - for Geek Girl Anyway, Thanks to These Blogs

Reading for Sanity: Kari says: "I don't think I've ever given a book that was given to me free for review 5 stars. I'm breaking that record today." "Jen is painted so very realistically. I felt like reading her story was like reading many of my students' stories, their journal entries in class. Teaching at a school of poverty, with many foster care kids, I see this stuff all too often. Her anger, her rejection of all things good, her pessimism, her hatred of people she cannot relate to, her lack of self-esteem, all spot on. Even her desire to defile Trevor was authentic."  Stop by for a Review and a Giveaway!

Nightly Reading: Heather says: "Jen’s story was tragic and actually got me a little misty eyed. It’s no wonder she dresses and acts the way that she does." "This was a great story with the basic premise of sometimes you may become and enjoy the very thing that you thought you had despised in the first place." "Trevor is your typical geek ... He is awesome!!" Check out the Review, Interview, and the Giveaway, as well as to see Heather's top five memories of middle/high school as a geek!

ComaCalm: Vickie says: "Jan's (sic) character was pretty interesting but I did find it difficult to connect with her." "I was hoping for something that would keep me thinking and dreaming about it long after I'd read it, and it certainly has the potential to do just that but it never really goes anywhere and just seems really long." Make sure to visit ComaCalm, who didn't receive the book until last minute and still agreed to read it and get the review up today!

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