Wednesday, September 18, 2013

250 Great Movies

No, I'm not going to list 250 movies that I think are awesome. I'm going to plug Jonathan "Mormon Movie Guy" Decker's new release, 250 Great Movies for Latter Day Saints.

Decker could have just as easily called this book 250 Movies for People Who Care What Their Families Watch. I can’t begin to fathom the amount of time it took him to compile this long list of movies, including a brief description which is also pretty much a review, anything offensive in the movie, a grade, and then he relates it to some scriptural lesson.


I would love to sit and debate some of the grades he gave movies (Captain America and Napoleon Dynamite both only scored a B? Dude! B+ for one of the greatest movies ever, Revenge of the Sith? You’re killing me, Smalls! And speaking of Smalls, where’s The Sandlot?). And, you know, I just really love a good rousing debate about movies because I happen to be a big fan of them, so there’s that. Plus, I think the fact that some of his choices even inspire debate is an awesome thing. Debating aside, I have a great respect for probably 95% of his opinions, and 100% for the time, effort, and thought he’s put into his choices.

Some of the movies are specifically LDS movies, but most are mainstream and I think anyone who worries about exposing their kids to inappropriate movies can use this as a guide to watching clean, uplifting, message-laden movies. I recommend it.

Visit Jonathan Decker's website for more movie reviews, or visit his Facebook page.

Grab your copy of the book today.

Jonathan Decker was born and raised in Arizona. He's married, and the father of three. He works as a marriage and family therapist, as well as running his blog, Mormon Movie Guy. He also co-hosts the podcast Mormons at the Megaplex and hosts a segment each week on The KJZZ Movie Show. You can reach him at

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