Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Experiment: Excerpt 4

In conjunction with the blog tour for The Experiment, I'll be posting an excerpt daily from the book. You can see the schedule for the tour here. Here's today's excerpt:

Juliet's eyes came to mine, locking, pleading. “Is it true, Cil? Don’t lie to me. Please.”
I don’t have to ask what she meant. “It’s true.”
“You’re a . . . a felit?” Her words carried an undertone of disbelief still.
“No.” My denial was immediate. “I’m just me.” I tore my gaze from hers, looking down on the green carpet below as tears filled my eyes. “I don’t know what happened. The first time, it was because a Troll threatened us . . . threatened Em. I was so angry and scared, and suddenly I wanted to kill the guy, tear him to pieces, you know? It was like something took over my anger and fear, harnessed it or controlled it, and I lashed out. Next thing I know, he’s running away, scared, and Em is staring at me like I sprouted a second head. And then the second time, when you were attacked . . .” I trailed off, shuddering at the remembrance of Jules being attacked by the eagle.
“How did you feel? Before, I mean?”
I felt her gaze heavy upon me so I finally looked at her, bracing myself for the revulsion I expected to see. Instead I saw curiosity and acceptance.

“Like my chest was full of viper ants trying to get free.”

Read the Prologue and first 3 chapters here. Come back tomorrow for another excerpt.

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