Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Experiment Blog Tour: Days 9 & 10

We had another couple of days of fantastic bloggers who took part in The Experiment blog tour. All of these bloggers rock! And rule as well . . .

A huge thank you and a big hug to Amanda at Wicca Witch 4 Book Blog for reading and reviewing the book. You can read the entire glowing review (which we deeply appreciate) here. Below is just a little of what Amanda had to say:

This book was sooo amazing and incredible! I couldn't put it down! It was full of adventure, intrigue and the most amazing people and creatures I have read about in a long time! Sherry Gammon, Cindy C Bennett, and Jeffery Moore really rocked it by putting this incredible book together!

Jeanz at Jeanz Book Read N Review interviewed the three of us about how it was to write a book with three authors. You can read the interview here.

Anna at Vamp Chix Bite Club ran a guest post written by my amazing co-author Jeffery Moore about creating unique elements of fantasy. She's also hosting a giveaway where you can win your own copy of The Experiment. You can read Jeff's post and enter the giveaway here.

Taffy at Taffy's Writings hosted us on her Writers on Wednesdays, where she also interviewed the three of us. You can read that interview here.

Last, but nowhere near least, my fantabulous co-author and good friend Sherry Gammon ran an excerpt in conjunction with the blog tour. Read the excerpt she posted here.

Grab your own copy of The Experiment here:

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