Monday, September 2, 2013

The Experiment: Excerpt 1

In conjunction with the blog tour for The Experiment, I'll be posting an excerpt daily from the book. You can see the schedule for the tour here. Here's today's excerpt:

Impressive. Brax carried Juliet’s squirming form for a few miles. He held her in front of him, one arm behind her back and the other beneath her knees, through the rugged jungle terrain without even breaking much of a sweat. This might have had something to do with the night’s cold settling in. Juliet calmed and if I didn’t know any better, I’d suspect she enjoyed the ride. Otherwise, I might have stepped in and forced him to let her go. Of course, our pace would have slowed drastically if he weren’t carrying her.
Brax led us deeper into the depths of the jungle. I was nervous, but not for the usual reasons. Normally I’d be scared of all the creatures I knew inhabited the area, but instead I was nervous about something happening that would force me to change. Em wanted me to tell Jules, but I couldn’t. Fear she’d think me the mutant I was kept me silent. I couldn’t handle that now.
       It was important to me, what they thought of me. The rest of the world saw me as this flighty, flirty, brainless chick. But my family knew me, the real me. They knew that the way I acted was just a cover. Em easily accepted this newest freaky thing because it had saved us twice. But I couldn’t guarantee how Jules would feel about me. She was the one always telling me to be who I am rather than who I pretend to be. Would she feel the same if she knew I was a felit? If she knew I was a nightmarish creature that skulked in the night, a fearless beast that attacked and killed people, would she look at me differently? Or would she see me, as Em said, as a powerful guardian protecting the ones it loved?

Read the Prologue and first 3 chapters here. Come back tomorrow for another excerpt.

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