Monday, September 9, 2013

Pretty Darn Funny: Basket Case

The thing that made me laugh most about this weeks Pretty Darn Funny episode was the drop-off dickey. Man, you have no idea how many times I could have used one of those. Watch the episode then read my thoughts below. After that, enter to win a contest in conjunction with this episode.

My Thoughts: What mother can't relate to this video? I think it's probably universal, but maybe just a little more intense for us moms in Utah. I'm not sure how it started, the idea that you have to be a perfect mom who raises little angels, while serving in the PTA, and being uber good at everything - including making baskets for a PTA fundraiser. That's what makes this episode so funny. I know I took my kids to school far more times in pajamas than anything, and I always prayed no one would see me. I'd wear my bathrobe, hoping it would pass as something other than what it was, and would have died if I'd had to get out of my car to help my kids or something. Why? I know probably 90% of the other moms were dressed exactly the same! So yeah, I could have used a drop-off dickey many times to help pretend I wasn't completely in my nightwear. Her collecting the baskets in her minivan in the parking lot from other moms was classic, as if it were some kind of drug deal or something. Definitely an amusing video this week.

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