Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Experiment: Excerpt 11

In conjunction with the blog tour for The Experiment, I'll be posting an excerpt daily from the book. You can see the schedule for the tour here. Here's today's excerpt:

       I leaned back and looked around while Em sketched. A gathering of people a ways away caught my attention. They were crowded around a man that I could hear ranting—loudly and passionately. I couldn’t see him, though. Intrigued, I left Em on the bench and wandered over.
“It’s our time now,” I heard him say, and those crowded around added their agreement. “How much more do we have to take before we say enough?” he said, and those around me punched their fists in the air with hollered yeah’s, causing me to jump.
I managed my way through the crowd until I could see him. My jaw dropped. He was beautiful. Not in the Brax-who’s-so-hot-he-melts-your-heart kind of way, but in a way that I couldn’t define. He was cute, for sure, but probably would pale next to Brax. But there was something . . . compelling about him—a charisma that drew me in. He had dark hair and dark eyes, and looked maybe nineteen or twenty at most. He was tall, but not as tall as Brax. His shoulders beneath his dark leather jacket were broader than Brax’s, and he looked like he could easily wrestle a brazzle bear and win.
“Let’s show the Collaborative that they can’t—” His eyes landed on me and he stumbled over his words. I snapped my gaping jaw closed. He looked away from me. “Uh, they can’t push us around any longer. We deserve an equal chance.” It seemed I sapped the fervor from his words.
The crowd responded to his passionate words, cheering. “They’re coming,” someone shouted and the crowd quickly dispersed. I looked around me, surprised. But then I saw who “they” were. Two of the Trolls wandered slowly our way. I glanced back at the guy who’d been speaking to the crowd, startled to see he wasn’t running off. He slowly bent and scooped up his pack, his gaze on me. 

Read the Prologue and first 3 chapters here. Come back tomorrow for another excerpt.

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