Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Experiment: Excerpt 3

In conjunction with the blog tour for The Experiment, I'll be posting an excerpt daily from the book. You can see the schedule for the tour here. Here's today's excerpt:

“Where are we going?” Jules asked, walking beside Brax.
“To Barrington,” Brax said.
“What’s that?” I asked, coming up behind them.
“You said you wanted to find your parents. The Trolls would hold your parents in the Brighton prison. Barrington is a place close to Brighton that we can hideout in,” Brax said.
We’d never heard of the city. “How far is Brighton?” Jules asked.
“It’s at least twelve days if we can walk twenty miles a day,” Brax said and eyed us with his big grin. “With you guys, we better call it a twenty day hike.” He was getting back to his playful self and it seemed to loosen the tension between us. “But it’s not an easy hike, Blondie. On the way here, I ran into two brazzles and you wouldn’t believe the number of Troll stations.” Surprisingly Jules let the “Blondie” nickname slide.
“Don’t worry, Brax,” I said and patted the knife in my pocket. “Me and my little friend will keep you safe.”
Brax doubled over laughing and the girls tried to keep a straight face, but lost control and laughed along with Brax.
“Ouch. Now that really hurts,” I said and laughed with them.

Read the Prologue and first 3 chapters here. Come back tomorrow for another excerpt.

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