Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Experiment Blog Tour Days 2 and 3

I want to thank the bloggers who've been so kind as to host the blog tour for The Experiment for the past couple of days. As any author knows, without blogger's willingness to help spread the word about new books, they're sort of dead in the water!

So a huge THANK YOU to:

Author Juli Caldwell
Author Cami Checketts
Literary Wonders
Wrathsqueen's Books
My Book Addiction and More!
Author Tracker

Go to My Book Addiction to enter a giveaway for your own copy of The Experiment. All you have to do is comment on the post you'll find here. And you can read April's review of The Experiment here! Here's just a little of what April had to say:

Filled with plenty of action,romance and mystery. Three masterful and talented authors collaborate to produce a story of imagination, shifters, sci-fi, that is futuristic and fantasy. The storyline was fast paced and interesting. The characters were also engaging. If you enjoy fantasy,shifters, Science Fiction with a twist,and fast paced stories than “The Experiment” is the story for you to read.

Pick up your copy of The Experiment today!

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  1. Glad there are so many people spreading the word. :) Best of luck!