Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Experiment Blog Tour: Day 5

A woot-woot! goes out to these blogs for allowing us to take up a little space on their blogs today, and for helping to spread the word about our new release, The Experiment.

Books Complete Me was kind enough to read and review the book. You can read Mindy's review here and then enter to win your own copy of The Experiment. Here's a little of what Mindy had to say about the book:

This book had a great Sci Fi meets Dystopian feel. The three main characters, siblings, are what every parent dreams of. They are loyal to each other. They take care of each other and they always put each other first. . . I truly enjoyed this book. One author writing a book is an amazing experience. To read a book written by three authors in an amazing collaboration is an honor. 

Bookworm Brandee not only gave us a spot on her blog for the tour, she also allowed me to ramble on a bit in a guest post, Collaborating on a Novel, where I talk about the process of writing this book with my two amazing co-authors. Thanks, Brandee!

Why Not? Because I Said So! was kind enough to allow us to pop by her blog, also. Plus, how cool is her blog name? What mom in the world hasn't spouted those exact words at some point? Also, Jeffery wrote a guest post talking about the process of writing this book together between the three of us (sort of his POV of what I talk about on Brandee's blog). You can read that here. So, thanks, Sheila, for the chuckle as well as allowing us to stop in. Here's some of what Sheila had to say about the book:

I was so excited to read this book, especially because of it being written by three different authors. This intrigued me so much. I've read books written by Cindy and Sherry, but this was the first book I'd read from Jeffery. This was a fun YA book that is Speculative Fiction. There is plenty of action on this new world.The triplets are the main characters and have such different personalities, as it would truly be in real life. The authors did a great job of increasing the suspense the first several chapters as the reader isn't quite sure what is truly going on. Altogether, this book is a fun ride for YA readers, whether they are teens or adults. The fast pace of the story keeps you fully engaged. I would definitely read another book written by these three authors. They have a good thing going on here.

Pick up your copy of The Experiment today!

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