Saturday, September 14, 2013


During the blog tour for The Experiment, one of the bloggers, Wicca Witch 4 Book Blog sent us some interview questions. And somehow, between us 3 authors of the book (me, Sherry Gammon, and Jeffery Moore) we dropped the ball and missed them. She was kind enough to allow us to turn in "late work" (remember those teachers who were so awesome they'd allow late work? They were always my favorites). Not only that, but she ran a second post for the questions. Stop by her blog, Wicca Witch 4 Book Blog, to read the interview. You can also read the amazing review (5 oout of 5 stars!) she gave the book here. Thanks, Amanda, for your graciousness in our lack of getting the needed materials to you!

Pick up your copy of The Experiment today!

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1 comment:

  1. thanks so much for the post Cindy! and I so enjoyed working with all of you! I don't mind the late work at all as it gives me a chance to work with you longer...LOL

    Blessings my friend!